Bagyong Ondo in the Philippines...

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A great tragedy has happened in the Philippines that can be compared to the Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, USA. The bagyong Ondo is now flooding Metro Manila leaving people in stranded places, flood in the house is getting high until it reached at the rooftop.

Here is an exclusive video from a citizen from Marikina, Manila.

As for now, rescue is now ongoing though it's slow. The rescuers must come fast or it'll leave a lot of people dying.

An update is that the UERM HOSPITAL is now asking for help because the flood there reached into the THIRD FLOOR

Please let us pray for their safe rescue and for the rain to stop...

Iphone 3GS Gets Even Better with every app

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iPhone 3GS is the fastest, most powerful iPhone yet. And with over 75,000 apps to choose from, it does things you never thought possible on a phone.

Here I am giving you websites that you can go to put apps in your iPhone.,2845,2325290,00.asp

so yea.. that would be it.. :D


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Right Now there's a sweepstakes going on to have one free pair of HEARTBEATS by LADY GAGA.

It's a headphone designed by Lady Gaga...
Heartbeats by Lady Gaga are holistically designed to deliver the soundtrack of your life with clarity and power, as well as satisfy your passion for fashion. Emmerse yourself in pitch-perfect highs, precise mids, and club caliber bass. Because when your music sounds amazing, you stop hearing it, and start feeling it. In other words, sound really matters. Plus, Lady Gaga didn’t just style-check Heartbeats, she created the design to ensure they look like no other headphone out there.

You can go to the contest here at this site...

brick By Boring Brick, New Song from Paramore

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Paramore has a new studio version released and it's entitled Brick by Boring Brick. They also performed this song during MTV unplugged. I have the Studio version that you can download...

Til then

Character Song K-On! Yui Hirasawa Album

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Another update for K-ON! well I have now the download link for Character Song Yui from K-ON!

here is the list of songs:
1. Guitar ni Kubittake
2. Sunday Fiesta
3. Let's Go! (yui Version)
There are instrumentals also of the three songs.
Hope you enjoy it!

Til nextime

DOWNLOAD Death Devil, A K-ON! Album Collection

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So here I am with an update for the downloadable link for Death Devil, Maddy Candy... Hope you enjoy it! :D

Death Devil Album

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K-On has just released a new album collection based on the Character Sawako-sensei, their moderator of the light music club

We are thinking of their song as ligh music but it's not... it's more of a metal type in sawako's time.

The tracks here are two
Maddy Candy
Hell No More

I'll give you links soon and afterwhich i'll give you youtube videos so that you'll be able to hear the full songs

First is Hell The world

Next is maddy Candy