Allods Online Bot | Allods Online Hack

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Allods Online Bot | Allods Online HackFrom the creators of heroes of might and magic V, we are presented here with another grand MMORPG (international) to conquer, for those who are curious what this Allos online has, well check out the whole details i have right below, its going to be something that you guys should be checking out totally. Let me share the details as to what this Allods Online has to offer. i will also be head out for Online bots and hacks for this MMORPG.

you can see the preview or the official trailer for Allods online right below. followed by the gameplay. This is going to be something really cool so check it out, its gameplay is similar to WOW. Close beta will be starting soon, so better find your way to get those beta keys, because you will need them. See more updates on this for the Allods Online Bot and Allods Online Hacks, cheers!

League of Legends Beta Key Download

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League of Legends Beta Key Download For the latest gaming world, we are about to have another experience similar to Dota and HON, here is League of legends, its going to be one great game to play. For those who have heard of the game well, here your chance to grab that beta key, For those who are looking for it, well, its still up for grabs, ill be giving the link right after this post. this League of Legends Beta Key Download is about to tell you guys where to find the details on this game download. For those who havent heard of League of legends, then here is a gameplay trailer,

Details on the League of Legends Beta Key Download will be placed right below the trialer, so check it out!

PSPGO psp4000 Hacked Custom Firmware Update

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PSPGO Hacked Custom Firmware update The amazing PSPGo has finally reached the market, released just this month in some states in the USA, and slowly being exported from all major techy countries, You might be asking whether this PSPGO has updated to the hacked custom firmware that almost all psp's are into, well lets check out if this PSPGO hacked custom firmware is really suitable, Built for travel and sleek. This PSPGO has a 16gig flash memory and is totally 48% lighter than the PSP3000, well there is only one way to find out , watch this review video about this PSPGO Hacked Custom Firmware Update. Its going to show a few details as to what kind of revolution this psp4000 trully is.Comparing the psp3000 with the psp4000

his didn;t take long now did it? FreePlay has found a working Save data exploit on the PSP Go. What it allowed FreePlay to do was execute a “hello world” type text file and also dumb his PSP Go memory and flash0 files to a Memory Stick. Pretty impressive find only after the system has been out for 2 days.

Its a user kernel exploit and at this stage were unsure if it will lead to anything substantial.

more from this PSPGO Hacked Custom Firmware Update after a few updates, check back here on techoccult for the latest gadget drop and release, Check out this video guys on PSPGO Hacked Custom Firmware Update.

K-ON! character image song series "Ui Hirasawa"

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I'm Back with an another release of K-ON! character image song series featuring Yui Hirasawa's sister, Ui! As we can recall, Ui, is the sister of Yui who is caring for her sister and the other band members think she's too mature to be the younger sister. She cooks, helps her sister and do household chores!

So here's the List of songs available

1.Lovely Sisterly Love
2.Oui! Aikutoba (English Translation: Yes! Love Word)

There are also instrumental versions available with these songs in the link I'll give to you

Boondock Saints 2 Release Date

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Boondock Saints 2 Release Date Check out the upcoming movie thats going to leave you guys hanging, I will be sharing to you guys the Boondock Saints 2 Release Date. Which will be on this november 1, 2009. I will try and give you guys the glimpse, But i do have the trailer video for you guys, so that i will be able to share to you guys the whole details. here is the Boondock Saints 2 Release Date.I will be uploading more from the Boondock Saints 2 Release Date. as of now its going to be the whole details. I have the trailer from this cool release. let me share to you guys the Boondock Saints 2. Details are found below.

The Boondock Saints 2 release date has been announced. Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day will premiere on November 1st, 2009 in theaters. It's a big personal victory for the writer and directors of this film, and an homage to the fans of the original film.

Samsung WEP470 Bluetooth Headset reviews

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Samsung WEP470 Bluetooth Headset reviews Be into the latest drives as the finest Samsung WEP470 Bluetooth Headset set your way, get to see the review for this amazing bluetooth headset for the samsung WEP470, check out if this is one of the latest fads or just another trash. The review is found below, so check it out now. This is the latest review from, MOre Samsung WEP470 Bluetooth Headset reviews from different blogs will be posted here so watch out for them, for now check out this one.

The good: The Samsung WEP470 is a simple, comfortable, and affordable Bluetooth headset. It has a dedicated power switch, and pretty good noise and echo cancellation.

The bad: The Samsung WEP470 has an uninteresting design and requires an ear hook for stability. We also would have liked additional ear bud covers.

The bottom line: For the price, the Samsung WEP470 is a decent headset for everyday use.

Check out more review for this Samsung WEP470 Bluetooth Headset reviews as you guys check the links provided. FOr the latest technology review, techoccult will be featuring them, This Samsung WEP470 Bluetooth is something to hang to as a new revelations in musicware dawns. Hope you guys enjoyed this Samsung WEP470 Bluetooth Headset reviews.

Aion Bot | Aion Bot Download Hack

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Aion Bot | Aion Bot Download Hack The greate MMORPG yet, Aion, For those who are playing this great game well really envy you, i cant play this awesome game because it the region i am in. Well anyway, I will be sharing to you guys a way to excel in the game, and its through the use of this Aion Bot, Get to go through with the hack or download the Aion Bot now. I have the details as to where to download this Aion Bot and where to find the latest hack on the patch for aion. For those who are interested, see below now.
If you are looking for the latest great game ever, well i suggest you play this one, for a little help and a little boost, let me share to you guys this Aion Bot Download Hack. For those who are eager to grab this, just leave a comment and i will give you the link, i cant share the link right here, so lets just do that, if ever you get to see a link, thats it. Try it out and enjoy this Aion Bot Download Hack

Heroes of Newerth Beta Key Hack

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Heroes of Newerth Beta Key Hack Heroes of newerth is such a hit game as of now that millions of gamers are searching for a way to get to play in the close beta of the game. This game is similar to dota in a RPG style gaming, I bet you all have heard of this dota game, HON or heroes of newerth is similar to that. Let me share to you guys the Hack to get the Beta key for Heroes of newerth.Actually, there is a beta key hack that is circulating right now, you get to create a beta key through the hack with out getting to be asked for a HON beta key. See below for more details
For those who are interested to grab this Heroes of Newerth Beta Key Hack, check out the link that i will be posting, its going to lead you guys to the Heroes of Newerth Beta Key Hack. What are you guys waiting for, well its time to go through with it before it gets removed. The link is posted below, so check it out now. Let me share to you guys the some invites for Heroes of Newerth, just comment if you want them, i still go 5 invites left. So be fast and quick. Enjoy playing Heroes of Newerth!

>>>>The Heroes of Newerth Beta Key has been asked to be removed from this site, just wait for a while till i get it on again<<<

Techoccult officially back Online!

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Want you guys to know that techoccult is finally back. for those remaining readers of mine, I will once again be bringing the latest hits, from manga to anime, from sports events to Tv shows. From Games to walkthroughs, So better stay tune for updates as i share what i can to you guys. Let me start of right here. See you around!

Lady Gaga Performs On Saturday Night Live

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Another great performance by Lady Gaga. Her song Paparazzi was stunning and I would like to say a round of applause for her. This happened on October 3, 2009 during Saturday Night Live.

Here is a video for you to watch her performance at that time...

Hope you'll enjoy

Bagyong Ondo in the Philippines...

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A great tragedy has happened in the Philippines that can be compared to the Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, USA. The bagyong Ondo is now flooding Metro Manila leaving people in stranded places, flood in the house is getting high until it reached at the rooftop.

Here is an exclusive video from a citizen from Marikina, Manila.

As for now, rescue is now ongoing though it's slow. The rescuers must come fast or it'll leave a lot of people dying.

An update is that the UERM HOSPITAL is now asking for help because the flood there reached into the THIRD FLOOR

Please let us pray for their safe rescue and for the rain to stop...

Iphone 3GS Gets Even Better with every app

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iPhone 3GS is the fastest, most powerful iPhone yet. And with over 75,000 apps to choose from, it does things you never thought possible on a phone.

Here I am giving you websites that you can go to put apps in your iPhone.,2845,2325290,00.asp

so yea.. that would be it.. :D


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Right Now there's a sweepstakes going on to have one free pair of HEARTBEATS by LADY GAGA.

It's a headphone designed by Lady Gaga...
Heartbeats by Lady Gaga are holistically designed to deliver the soundtrack of your life with clarity and power, as well as satisfy your passion for fashion. Emmerse yourself in pitch-perfect highs, precise mids, and club caliber bass. Because when your music sounds amazing, you stop hearing it, and start feeling it. In other words, sound really matters. Plus, Lady Gaga didn’t just style-check Heartbeats, she created the design to ensure they look like no other headphone out there.

You can go to the contest here at this site...

brick By Boring Brick, New Song from Paramore

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Paramore has a new studio version released and it's entitled Brick by Boring Brick. They also performed this song during MTV unplugged. I have the Studio version that you can download...

Til then

Character Song K-On! Yui Hirasawa Album

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Another update for K-ON! well I have now the download link for Character Song Yui from K-ON!

here is the list of songs:
1. Guitar ni Kubittake
2. Sunday Fiesta
3. Let's Go! (yui Version)
There are instrumentals also of the three songs.
Hope you enjoy it!

Til nextime

DOWNLOAD Death Devil, A K-ON! Album Collection

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So here I am with an update for the downloadable link for Death Devil, Maddy Candy... Hope you enjoy it! :D

Death Devil Album

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K-On has just released a new album collection based on the Character Sawako-sensei, their moderator of the light music club

We are thinking of their song as ligh music but it's not... it's more of a metal type in sawako's time.

The tracks here are two
Maddy Candy
Hell No More

I'll give you links soon and afterwhich i'll give you youtube videos so that you'll be able to hear the full songs

First is Hell The world

Next is maddy Candy

Boys Like Girls Got LOVE DRUNK

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So I posted first about the single Love Drunk... Now I didn't notice that the New Music Video was already OUT! To be specific Aug. 3, 2009 on MTV.


So the video starts out like Ashley Tisdale was in an arcade and evry guy in the arcade fell for her... As the story of the video goes, The band starts playing and boy, the guys look handsome alright! Continuing to the story of the music video, most of the guys fell for her and tries to prove that he is worthy but in the end, the girl has an another 'guy' who picked her up at the arcade and left the guys heartbroken...

It was a good example of being Love Drunk. The guys were intoxicated of the beauty of the girl and fell inlove but they got 'hangover' when they knew the girl has a special someone... tsk.. how cruel love is...

So that's all folks! I will be updating soon when the album comes out!


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Last August 13, Paramore released their new music video on their incoming album "Brand New Eyes" with the hit single "Ignorance" via MTV both on television and website of the said channel.

I'll describe a bit of the music video... it has this vibe of darky yet spunky environment with only a single bulb light that is lighting the whole band. I can say that it's a very EPIC video so far in regarding the music videos they had. This one is more mature and we can see how mature the band became through 5 years in the music career.

So to begin I'll present you the music video

Boys Like Girls' Love Drunk

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Boys Like Girls is back in 2009!

They just released their first single in their upcoming Album Love Drunk.

Martin Johnson announced that the band had begun to record their new album on his website on February 10, 2009. The album is set to be released in September 2009 and is being recorded half in Vancouver and half in New York City because there are two different producers/production teams, two different environments, and two different styles of inspiration.

On June 18, Boys Like Girls confirmed the title and release date for their second album. It will be called Love Drunk and will be released September 8, 2009.

Free download of their new song Love drunk!

Paramore's Brand New Album This September 29!

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Yes! the long wait is here!!

On September 29, 2009 would be the album release of Paramore's new album "Brand New Eyes". According into an interview in mtv, that the name of the album came from a line of their song that is unreleased. "It was one of the first songs we put together, and it just didn't work out ... the lyric was originally really sad and negative. It was, 'I lost all my friends since they got brand-new eyes.' But we didn't use the song, [and we] stole the lyric because we liked the sound of it. Basically, the concept is, 'In order for our band to move on to whatever's next — and also us personally, as individuals, in order to grow up — [we needed to start] seeing each other, seeing everything, in a whole new perspective. Just trying to let go of whatever we might have struggled with the past and just see each other in a new way."

According to Paramore, the album is about inner struggles and battles with doubt. So we will be expecting more raw songs from this album!

Just to let you know their first single is "Ignorance" and will be released digitally on July 7. All available in amazon and itunes.

Here is the line up of their songs in the album:

1. Careful
02. Ignorance
03. Playing God
04. Brick by Boring Brick
05. Turn It Off
06. The Only Exception
07. Feeling Sorry
08. Looking Up
09. Where the Lines Overlap
10. Misguided Ghosts
11. All I Wanted

Here's a Sneak Peek on their new single "Ignorance"

Til here Next time with updates


Skull Candy HESH: A Set of Headphones You'll Get Crazy To

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Skull Candy, is a company that is making headphones that would fit your personality and style. It brings clear sound and makes you want to feel to be alone and just listen to the beat of a song.
If you want to have a cool, crystal sound, I recommend you to have HESH. It's a Dj headphone that would make you don't care all the people surrounding you.


  • Speaker Diameter: 50mm
  • Magnet Type: NdFeB
  • Frequency range: 18 -20K Hz
  • Impedance: 32 ohms
  • Max Input Power: 100mw
  • Cable Type: Nylon Braided
  • Cable Length: 1.2m
  • Plug Type: 3.5mm Gold Plated

Accessories: Extender Cable and Satin Travel Bag

>First of all a lot of positive reviews over this product and I agree to it.. It makes you think that you're alone because of how it covers your ears but don't worry! there's a volume control just below the cord of the headphone.
>It has Free Satin Travel bag and an Extender cable.
>it has different color to choose and a wide choices to make.
>It has a sticker too..
>It's applicable to Ipod and Mp3 players.

There are still alot of headphones that they have so I'll update some time to tell you something the other products.

You can visit their site :

til next time

Jam Legend, The New Guitar Hero

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Anyone who is addicted to Guitar Hero and Rock Band? Well I do... I recommend this site to those who wanted to play this for free... All you need is your PC, internet, headphones/speakers and your keyboard. If you have them all then you're ready to rock on Jam Legend. It is a website that you can play all day and all night. You can play it all for FREE! Plus, if you don't want to use your keyboard, you can use your guitar hero/rock band controller.

What's Best About It:

1. Jam Legend is that you will discover different kinds of genre, language, culture in music.
2. Make friends all over the world via Jam Legend- Since it is online gaming and internet is every where, we can make friends globally.
3. There are 4 types of difficulty:
>Normal- it's the easiest... This level is recommended for who is new on playing rhythm games and for those who did not play Guitar Hero/Rock Band yet.
>Skilled- this level is for the rookies. Mostly it's like the rhythm of the song.
>Insane- If you like a challenge on your skills in eye coordination, this is recommended.
>Legendary-This level is really for the the people who are really really good in guitar hero/rock band.
4. Different kinds of battles happen-Know what I mean, it's not like you would get bored repeating the same game all the time.
5. More than 200 songs are now available in Jam Legend!

Check out their website:

Since this site is still developing, we can expect for the later years for this site to be famous... SOON... More than Guitar Hero nor Rock Band. Check out their trailer:

Bleach Chapter 358 Manga Review

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Here is another anime review that i am making and its all about the bleach manga chapter 358. You can see the full summary and the highlights of the manga chapter just right below. Just check it out now. You can read the bleach manga chapter just by clicking the links. Cheers!

Bleach Manga chapter 358 "King of Clouds"

the chapter starts with Toushirou being beaten down by the female arancar. each exchange fierce attacks, Back to Soi Fon battle, her chances of winning has very slim. but she wont be defeated just like that, she ask Omeada to become a decoy and keep the enemy preoccupied. arancars chasing down shinigamis. their now in a real pinch. Toushirou came to a stop saying that its now time for the next step for this battle to end, he also says that there is a certain technique he hasnt tried when he is in Bankai mode. "all of heaven is under my command". such big words. well better luck nex time

by aldech0i

Naruto Chapter 448 Manga Review

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Here is our Naruto Manga Chapter 448. You can read it now, and see the review we made on the chapter. thanks for all the support and we are hoping that you will be seeing or reading the naruto chapter 448. Cheers

Naruto Manga chapter 448 "memento"

now that Pains story is finish, what could be the reply on both sides. Naruto decided not to kill Pain, for he still believes in Jiraiyas teaching. they both talked about the contents of Jiraiyas first book which words came from Nagato/Pain himself when he was young. and in the end it was a twist of fate, Nagato believe in what Naruto said about finding peace, for he sees himself in Naruto when he was young, but what could he be planning?? well see you next time.

by aldech0i

To Love Ru Manga Chapter 148 Review

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To Love Ru Manga Chapter 148 Review
HERE is a review on To love Ru Manga Chapter 148 review. check this one out. hope you guys enjoy this one.

to love ru manga chapter 148 "silent island"

Wheew summer are really hot, and since were talking about summer were in luck for today to love rus featured chapter is about the beach,

one summer day we foung the rito and the others in Saki Tenjouin Villa, this is a payment for helping her when she ran away from home then here comes Run giving Saki ideas on how to humiliate Lala. then its a little scene in the bathroom, the girls talking on how to make their breast bigger, hmmm do girls talk about this things all the time??? >_<>_< typical in all of the compotion a gunfire was heared and Sakis buttler was shot in the end of the chapter a black cat appeared.... could this be??? heheheh well better luck next time

by aldedch0i

Naruto Chapter 447 Review

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here is a naruto Chapter 44 review for you guys.

Naruto Manga chapter 447 "Believe"

we now know the two reasons why Nagato bacame Pain, and now his life being pain is now revealed, in the first page we see him now in his using his skills to protect Konan, Pain vs ANBU, pain summoned a very large golem the one used in taking away a Jinchurikis power. after that its back to Naruto after hearing Pains story, and after getting over his conflicted feelings he decided not to kill Pain, what will Pain reply to Narutos answer? well till next time

by aldech0i

Microsoft Zune 30gb Digital Media Player

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Want to own the latest Media player thats going to bring you pure music experience that will leave you hanging. Check out the latest Microsoft Zune 30gb Digital Media Player., this is a really neat digital media player that combines style and expressing through music. Check out the full specs for the Microsoft Zune 30gb Digital Media Player below.
The Microsoft Zune 30gb Digital Media Player is known to have been a gadget worth to go against the ipod.Buy the Microsoft Zune 30gb Digital Media Player now

Here is the full specs.

Size and Weight - 4.4 in. x 2.4 in. x 0.6 in. (h x w x d), Weight: 5.6 ounces
Battery - Music, up to 14 hours (wireless off), up to 13 hours (wireless on); pictures, up to 4 hours; video, up to 4 hours, Charge Time: 3 hours; 2 hours to 90%
Display -Size: 3.0 inches, Orientation: Vertical and Horizontal, Resolution: 320 x 240 pixels
Audio - Windows Media Audio Standard (.wma): Up to 320 Kbps, CBR and VBR, up to 48-kHz sample rate, MP3 (.mp3): Up to 320 Kbps, CBR and VBR, up to 48-kHz sample rate, AAC (.mp4, .m4a, .m4b, .mov): Up to 320 Kbps, Low Complexity (LC), up to 48-kHz sample rate
Pictures - JPEG (.jpg): All resolutions (desktop software will automatically convert to 640×480 at sync time)
Video - Windows Media Video (.wmv): Main Profile, CBR or VBR, up to 1.5 Mbps peak video bitrate, 320 x 240 pixels, 30 frames per sec., with Windows Media Audio up to 192 Kbps, 44.1 kHz, stereo audio; Simple Profile, CBR, up to 736 Kbps video bitrate, 320 x 240 pixels, 30 frames per sec., with Windows Media Audio up to 192 Kbps, 44.1 kHz, stereo audio.
Wireless - Connectivity: 802.11 b/g, Range: Up to 30 feet
Language - English

Asus 8.9 intel Atom 1.6ghz Netbook

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FOr thos tech geeks out there, here is one cool gadget to satisfy your desires. and its the Asus 8.9 intel Atom 1.6ghz Netbook. Asus has been a great laptop series that brought as the greatest experience there is yet with our very own netbook. well anyway, I will be providing to you guys the specs for this latest Asus 8.9 intel Atom 1.6ghz Netbook. You can check out below for the intimtate details for this great netbook from Asus.

i might as well give you a link where you can actually buyAsus 8.9 intel Atom 1.6ghz Netbook online or better yet see the details of this beauty by clicking the same link. I have the pictures of the this Asus Netbook below. Check it out.

Ga Rei Chapter 36 Manga Review

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Ga Rei Chapter 36  Manga Review
Here is another anime that we will be featuring here on techoccult. Is Ga Rei, check out below for more details on this Ga Rei Chapter 36 Manga Review!
Finally the new season of Ga Rei is here!! now for a brief summary Kagura has now waken up from a coma, yey!! but the only thing is she has amnesia and the great Byakuei has been reduce to a very cute and adorable puppy. there is also the re appearance of Yomi my idol.. a mysterious transfer student with a splitting image of Yomi, they befriended her and together they form a ghost hunting team with one extra guy.

and now lets begin with the chapter 36

the chapter started in the city a monster appeared a black demon dog, then it shifted to the school where Kagura and ken-chan are, its still a normal morning and theyre preparing for their school festival. when they preparing for the school festival the black demon dog appeared right in front of them, right before Ken chan was about to be devoured Kagura appeared to rescue them! the real form of Byakuei was now released!! still cute though hehe the fight is on whit black and white, yin and yang! just when the battle was about to get intense the black demon disappeared and Byakuei turned back to his cute chibi form. the mysterious girl who helped them has now introduce herself as a former excorcist of the ministy of environmental supernatural disaster countermeasure department her name was Takiguchi Tsuina, then gaves them the proposition that the countermeasure department is to be re establish would they like to join! well dats it for dis chapter till next time!!

by aldech0i

Asus Eee PC T91Tablet Netbook

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Asus Eee PC T91Tablet Netbook, Asus has released its latest laptop genre. this we are arriving on the touch screen series. This Asus Eee PC T91Tablet Netbook laptop has the following specs below. Check it out.

The Asus Eee PC T91 has a cool 8.9 inch touchscreen display clear and bright,it will be powered by an Intel Atom Z520 processor. It will have a weight of only be 2lbs (less than 1kg) light and has around 1-inch in thickness. how cool is that?

Here are some picture for you guys to see about the high end Asus Eee PC T91Tablet Netbook.You can see here the revolving LCD of the Asus Eee PC T91Tablet Netbook, cool aint it?

See the brightness of the Asus Eee PC T91, amazing to think that it is on touch screen. If you are interest to Buy Asus Eee PC T91Tablet Netbook online just click on the link and see a list of laptops you might consider ordering online. Cheers!

To Love Ru Chapter 146 | To Love Ru Chapter 146 Manga Review

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Here is the latest TO love Ru chapter 146 update. Check it out guys, and see what you might like on this review. We feature the latest happenings under the manga TO love Ru, well anyway, check it out! cheers!. Down below is the To Love Ru Chapter 146 manga review

To Love Ru chapter 146 "Those Warped into the Midst of Drakness"

The chapter starts at school where Lalas inventions were scattered on the floor, and Yui scolding her for the mess she made. Oshizu then picked up one of Lalas invention, Rito stopprd her thinking that nothing good will happen when it comes to Lalas invention. as Rito stepped back he bumped into Haruna, then the invention activated on its own, the invention was the one they use to teleport think it was named pyon pyon warp-kun, the two suddenly vanished leacing thei clothes behind. both of them teleported to a dark area, no mention were they end up to, Rito trying to find out were they are accidentally grabbed Harunas breast, too bad it was dark hehe back to school Lala and Yui thinks of a plan to get them back. Rito and Haruna were still together in the dark room, Haruna hearing something got scared and jumped to Ritos arms. little by little the dark place is clearing up they seemed to be in some kind of room, they found a door and tries to open it, but is lock. so the two were stuck and talks about their family, the mood was finnally getting good for the two, Rito really wants to tell Haruna how he feels but is confused of his true feelings, just when he was about to say something the door opened and there was Mikado sensei, it was then they realized that they were in Mikado sensei clinic, then Yui and Lala arrived in the scene.

by aldech0i

Bleach manga Chapter 355 | Bleach Chapter 355 Manga Review

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WE have here this weeks bleach chapter 355 manga review. You can check out below for the whole circle of events that happened in the bleach manga chapter 355. This anime review will be showing of the important details for this week's latest chapter for bleach. well check it out guys here is Bleach chapter 355 manga review

Bleach manga chapter 355 "Azul-Blood Splash"

Back to the real world where the Gotei 13 are fighting against other Espadas!

its looking bad for the Captains, even fighting at full force they cant even budge the enemy. The girl arrancar has now release her Zanpakutou against Toushirou. Toushirou was left shocked, i wonder if its about the Power or the sheer beauty of the arrancar, well shes beautiful to me :p.. continue.. in an instant Toushirou was cut in half!! is this his end?? well till next time

by aldech0i

Naruto Chapter 445 | Naruto Manga Chapter 445 Review

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Naruto Chapter 445 | Naruto Manga Chapter 445 Review
Greetings everyone, for our weekly anime review for naruto chapter 445. is right here, There is but one thing that makes you eager to watch naruto chapter 445, and it is because of the intensity of the events happening. watch what happens next as naruto unleashes is nine tails power. Check out our Naruto Manga Chapter 445 Review now.

Naruto manga chapter 445 "Top of the World"

Finally its time to know about Nagatos past and how did he turned out the way he is now,

Nagato was left alone when his mother and father died in a war that Konoha started. after he saw hi parents on the floor lifeless, his power has been awakened, he didnt realize that he is the one that killed the konoha ninjas. He left his town and began to travel during his travel he almost died in hunger and then Konan found him and gave him some food, Konan brought him along to their safe place and there he met Yahiko, the friendship started there. one day when they were walking home there was a sudden attack, they was a fight goin on near them. the fight was Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Orochimaru Versus Hanzo the chief Amagakure. after the fight Nagatos pet dog died. after the incident they swore that someday they will become the god of the world and it all started here!! well till next time

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Bleach manga Chapter 354 | Bleach Chapter 354 Review

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Bleach Mnaga chapter 354 "Heart"

The battle of Ichigo and Ulquiorra has ended and Ichigo stands. in the first page of the chapter we see Ichigo and Inoue is standing and looking at each other. and the image of Ulquiorra fading. after that the plot went to Yammi fighting Ichigos friends, Rukia, Renji, and Chad. they notice that the spiritual energy of Ulquiorra has dissappeared. Yammi was quite disappointed in what happened saying he wants to help Ulquiorra after he finishes them off. Yammi is now building up his energy and is growing bigger, the three notices Yammis number on his shoulder the #10 mark. and they conclude that he is a lot weaker than the ones they fought. and now Yammi has unsheathed his Zanpakutou. and the three were shocked on the large energy comming out from it. then they notice that the number on Yammis shoulder is disappearing. then number 1 was fading away and it was completely gone, from 10 to 0. as the smokes cleared Yammi has become an enormous monster. cant define how big he really is. then he explains that he is the only arrancar that can go to zero if fully charged. now Yammi has started the attack. what will Rukia, Renji and chad do in this situation?. back on earth Toushirou is being pushed back by the enemy. well thats it for todayl better luck next time!!

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To Love Ru Chapter 144 | To Love Ru Manga chapter 144 Review

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Here is another issue on To Love Ru Guys, hope you guys read our review on TO love Ru Chapter 144. This is the episode on manga. on To love Ru,

to Love Ru chapter 144 "Ghost Versus"

In this chapter Oshizu the ghost girl visits Ritos house, specifically she visited Momo Lalas little sister who has the ability to talk to plants, Oshizu was asked by Mikado sensei, the shcools alien doctor to gather some medical herb, in amdist all the commotion Zastin suddenly appeared with a gloomy appearance, handing over Lala and her sisters their allowances. Oshizu noticing Zastins appearance thought that he was possessed by an evil spirit. so the group went to Zastins apartment. the apartment was so gloomy and there to welcome them was Zastins two body gaurds. on the floor, then Zastin was seen on his room.. reading some ecchi(perverted) magazines. Oshizu still say that he is being possessed by an evil spirit. and shes right, the one possessing Zastin is evil and a maniac to. he teared off Momo and Lalas clothes letting their breast show luckily Rito was there. Nana was there to defend her sister to but Zastin turned her down saying flat chest dont interest him, heheh how cute!. Nana is one of my fave in to love ru, when she was about to attack him, she was deflected and went flying to Rito. and seen in a very "nice" position. Zastins Havoc of Echiness continues and aims for Lalas chest. Oshizu protected her with her psychic will power or something like that. and Zastin was sent flying off the house, Oshizu followed him and falls by accident, she still cant controll her body with ease, hehe.
she confronted the evil ghost, saying that she wont allow him to violate the Lala and the others. the ghost then told her what happen when he was alive. the she was turned down by 500 women. Wow! and he just wants to touch a natural breast at least once. hearing this Oshizu agreed. saying that he will let him touch her but her body is artificial. so without hesitation the perverted maniac went to touch Oshizus breast, then Rito cried out to Oshizu. after that the perverted ghost was captured by Oshizus ghost form. after that we see Zastin being chased by a policeman because he was walking around town naked. well another chapter of smiles ended see ya nex time

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Bleach 355 Spoilers | Bleach Chapter 355 Spoilers

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Finally, being back in bringing to you guys the latest fresh spoiler there is in town. I will be once again bringing to you Bleach Chapter 355 Spoilers, for a month, i wasnt able to give you guys the exact, Bleach Chapter 355 Spoilers so im really sorry for that, but now we are back, if you want to know what happens next on bleach chapter 355, then you just came to the right place, i will be bringing to you guys the live hits for the bleach 355 spoilers on its very own chapter. WE have seen it all, on how ichigo changed into something so powerful not even ulqiourra can outstand. well lets see what happens next as bleach continues on to its chapter 355, which will be featured here as this weeks spoiler.
As of now the raw chapter of bleach 355 is still unavailable, i will just check back on you guys whenever i get to have the spoilers i need to let you guys see the bleach 355 spoilers that you are looking for, as of now, just wait and visit back techoccult to find any update on the bleach chapter 355 spoilers. Cheers!

Watch Nonito Donaire vs. Raul Martinez Live Stream

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Watch Nonito Donaire vs. Raul Martinez Live Stream, If you are looking for a place to watch Nonito Donaire vs. Raul Martinez fight live stream,then this is the palce you should be, I will be featuring to you guys the live stream match up for this april 2009, the IBF flyweight title of donaire will be at stake, now if you cant wait to Watch Nonito Donaire vs. Raul Martinez Live Stream, then check out what i have prepared for you just right below.

The tale of the tape, Nonito Donaire won 20 (KO 13) + lost 1 (KO 0) + drawn 0 and Raul Martinez won 24 (KO 14) + lost 0 (KO 0) + drawn 0, You better not miss this one out, as you can watch the full live stream of Nonito Donaire vs. Raul Martinez. they will be fight at the Araneta Coliseum, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines 12 rounds of boxing knockout, well here is the preview video just for you guys, watch it now, and check it out.

I will be posting the links to watch Nonito Donaire vs. Raul Martinez Live Stream, hours before the fight, so just keep getting in touch, and i will post you off. right here enjoy!

To Love Ru Chapter 142 | To Love Ru Manga Chapter 142 Review

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Another great manga that will be added to out weekly anime review is right here, To love Ru, You get to read here the latest TO love Ru chapters, Starting off with Chapter 143, Find out why we decided to feature this manga chapter here, and please do read our To love Ru Chapter 143 Manga Review! thanks!

To Love Ru chapter 143 "hand and tail"

another addition to manga review!!

the title is pretty easy to tell, another day in the house of Rito, he is in Lala's Room, which has a lot of junk pilling up! Rito then picked up one of Lalas experiment which was lying in the floor which gave his an a electric shock after the shock accidentaly grabbed Lalas sensitive tail, now you can see the who the title was refering to. hehe, Lala asked Rito to let go of her tail but Ritos hands wont let go! now Mikan and the others seen the posotion of the two and tries to help, but they decided to wait until the effect is gone! after this we have cute little scene like Lala going to the bathroom, Rito not going to good using his left hand so Lala assisted him but again pulled her tail causing the soup to drop on his face, but Ritos misfortune for the day has just began, another scene were Lala is taking a bath but needs soap and went out naked, again pulling her tail causing another misunderstanding. during the night when they were about to sleep Lala said that even though today was a terrible day she is still glad to spend it with him, how sweet! as the effect of the machine wear off! Rito was over excited now Celine was holding the machine and got a shock too, and got stuck on Ritos face, and another day of misfortune began!! well till next tym!!

by aldech0i

Mahou Sensei Negima Chapter 247 | Mahou Sensei Negima Manga Chapter 247 Review

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Here is another chapter from Mahou Sensei Negima, This anime is really cool, i got to read the whole chapter and i still am interested on whats happening next, well if you havent started this you better right now, Mahou Sensei Negima chapter 247 anime review is found below, you can start and check it out now. enjoy our Mahou Sensei Negima chapter 247 review!

Mahou Sensei Negima chapter 247: Trump Card Glory

Negi unleashes his Trumo Card number 3 the "Duplex Complexio" now face to face with Rakan, the battle begins again! Negi started the fight using his Kenpo skills mixed with his magic the so called invulnerable Rakan was blown away but he is still smiling, eventhough Negi is as Fast as lightning! no, even more than Lightning, it was callled "Perpetual Lightning" Negis battle technique has change, instead of Hitting and Running he faces Rakan head on, relying only in his Accelerated reflex to protect him! even though taking in thousands of punches Rakan still stand tall, living in his title "the man who cannot die", "the immortal fool", "that damn guy who you can stab with swords all you like and it wont do a thing" whew now thats a title!! the master of Negi, Evangeline commented " he is still lacking in sheer power"! Rakan questioned him in his final trump cards power, but Negi replied it wasnt his Last trump card, an he walked in his trap perfectly! with a combo with Kotarou Rakan was trapped Negi casted out a spell the Lightning God Lance Titan Slayer" a technique Negi made himself, even leaving his master Eva shocked! still Rakan accepts the challenge! in a pure contest of Strength Rakan wont back down that easily! Rakan fired but still Negi didnt throw his Lance, when Rakans power almost reaching Negi, he absorded Rakans power to himself! using Rakan strength against him! too bad it only ends there! well have to wait another week!! see yas next time!!

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Naruto Manga chapter 443 | Naruto chapter 443 Review

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For this weeks dose of Naruto Manga, we present to you another manga chapter review we have for you. Here is the naruto manga chapter 443 review. You can check out the latest happenings in the battle of pein and naruto, and with naruto meeting his father. Well for the exact details, just read out our naruto manga chapter 443! cheers!

Naruto Manga chapter 443 " the meeting"

In the intense start of the manga we see Pain had a direct hit from Narutos Rasengan! both of them has fallen to the ground after the attack! finally the last Pain was defeated. as Pain laid on the ground Naruto remembere the conversation they had about wanting to have peace,, justce, and having the same Pain. Naruto stabbed his hand with Pains receiver that is connected to his body. on the other side Hinata was now healed by Sakura, huuraay!! then it was announced that Naruto defeated Pain, but very exhausted and plans to go to the original Pain all alone, well still friends are friends, and they intend to give Naruto some back up against his will. Naruto was then caught up by the other elder ninjas from the village and talked to them about finding the original Pain and having a conversation with him. finally Naruto reached Pain! he was Hiding in a tall tree made out of paper made by Konan! finally the two have met face to face!! well better luck next time

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Bleach Manga Chapter 353 | Bleach Chapter 353 Review

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I cant believe that it is already a week, well i cant let that from stopping us from giving you this update on Bleach manga chapter 353 review. Here is the latest happenings for Bleach chapter 353. You get to read here the latest info and events that happened for the bleach manga chapter 353, Read the anime revie just right below now!

Bleach Manga chapter 353 " the Ash"

on the last chapter we saw that Ulquiorra is still alive and was going for a sneak attack, Now one of Hollow Ichigos horns got cut!

Enjoy the nice summer picture!!! wheeewww really hot in here!! hehhe

ahheeemm moving on, after the attack Ichigos mask suddenly breaks revealing Ichigos face with long hair and was knock unconscious, after being knocked down he suddenly stood up again and the hole that Ulquiorra blew up suddenly closes, High speed regenerartion, finnaly the real Ichigo came back, not knowing what he has done. he is explaining that he wasnt the one fighting it was all the Hollow inside him, like we didnt know that already, so he asked Ulquiorra to cut of his arm and leg so that they can battle in equal footing, and Ulquiorra obliged by his conditions but suddenly his wing is turning into ash, then he asked Ichigo to kill him. but Ichigo refused saying this is not the way he wanted to win, then Ulquiorra asked Inoue if he is scared of him, Inoue replied that she isnt. then Ulquiorra vanish like dust in the wind. hmm i smell a little love story from Ulquiorra and Inoue, or is it just me. well another battle ended! i want to know what happened to the Hollow!! is it back or is it sealed again? well till next time

by aldech0i

Mahou Sensei Negima Manga chapter 246 | Mahou Sensei Negima 246 Review

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Do you guys know Mahou Sensei Negima? for those who do, then good news, starting today we will be featuring this manga here at techoccult. you can see the whole chapter 246 being reviewed right here, if you havent read Mahou Sensei Negima then i suggest you start of, this is one of the coolest manga ever. For more info on Mahou Sensei Negima manga chapter 346, check out below!

Mahou Sensei Negima chapter 246 " Victory for youre sake!"

yo!! heres the new manga im interested in and hopefully youll like it too!!
its Mahou Sensei Negi! its a story about a genius Mage who became a teacher in an ordinary all girls school, In search for his father! the greatest Mage that ever lived!! with the help of his friends they entere the magic world filled with danger.. well thats it for the summary, no heres Mahou Sensei Negima chapter 246!!!

Negi is down on the ground, and is now being counted, then he remembers the promise he had with Ako, after that he stood up coughing out blood. Rakan, stood there praising Negi for doing a good job, for having his new formed technique the " Riasoku Shundou",and is talking to Negi about giving up the battle, saying there is nothing to be ashamed of. but he wouldnt acknowledge Negi as a full grown man yet, and the secret about his mother will be further delayed, Negi cant accept then he summoned the technique he learned from his master the "dark Evangel", Kotarou is also back in his feet, now with the two of them back, the fight is about to restart. Negi needs 43 seconds to activate his dark skill, so Kotarou is asked to back him up. Kotarou accelerates after being hit by the shadow technique of the Enemy an explosion was seen as the smoke cleared up, a beast appeared Kotarous transformation, a dark wolf with three tails, holding Asuna's sword " the sword that can dispell any magic, on the other hand Rakan was charging towards Negi, kotarou countered trying to stop him no matter what it takes for 43 seconds but Rakan is not on the same level, he withstood Kotarous attacked and beat him down, now only 5 seconds to go, will Negi complete the chant before Rakan can reach him??? well we'll see next time..

Naruto Manga Chapter 442 | Naruto Manga 442 Review

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For our naruto anime review, here is the naruto manga chaoter 442 overview and review. IF you havent read the manga yet, then you better do, or else you get to miss alot of really coold events between the battle of pein and naruto. anyway, read along below for our naruto chapter 442 review on the manga! enjoy reading naruto manga chapter 442!

Naruto manga chapter 442 " the Last Gamble"
the first page was in color cool, we see Sakura healing the injured Hinata, with the thought of Hinata's feeling towards Naruto, i smell an air of jealousy.
Now the final battle between Naruto and Pain is starting, Naruto started the attack with a Shadow Rasen Shuriken, Pain managed to dodge the first, and a second one was coming, then a sneak attack from Naruto he conceal his Bunshins as Rocks that surrounded Pain but they werent able to catch him, and again Manage to dodge the second one which sliced everything it passes, Now only 4 seconds before he can use the God Realm technique, Naruto used two Rasen Shuriken and Pain thought the battle was over, upon landing on a stone Kagebunshin disguised as rocks now surrounded Pain, 2 seconds left just before the kagebunshins reached Pain the timer went zero, causing the Kagebunshin to be blown away, all the bunshin supported the real Naruto to withstand the pressure, causing Pain another 5 second delay to use his skill, A direct hit with the technique that Jiraiya taught him, the Rasengan!! is the fight over? did naruto win? well know next week! well see yas

Bleach Manga Chapter 352 | Bleach Manga 352 Review

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WE are back with the 6th lust on the manga, A lot has happen guys, and we are really eager for the next batches to come, If you guys havent read the manga 352, then here is a short summary and review of everything, you can check it out right below for the manga chapter 352 review, bleach 352 was really great, this time its time you guys see how bleach 352 came in. enjoy our review on bleach manga chapter 352! cheerS!

Bleach Manga chapter 352 " the Lust 6"

the 1st page we see Rukia having the upper hand against her enemy, Rudobone!, Just freezing the branches that made the enemy soldiers was enough to defeat Rudbone, but suddenly Yammy appeared right before them, Including Chad and Renji, Chad described the New Yammy to be bigger than when they fought him before. But Yammy wasnt interested in them, he was provoked by Ishida Uryuu. from a distance a big explosion was heard, after the smoked cleared up, only half body of Ulquiorra was left, when the hollow Ichigo flashed to finish Ulquiorra Ishida suddenly appeared and stopped him, But it was Uryuus big mistake, the Hollow Ichigo didnt listen But instead it turned against Uryuu, stabbing Ishida with his Zangetsu, after that we go to Inoues Emotional scene, thinking that the reason she went there is to Help Ichigo and not be a burden but it turned out the other way around, Now the Hollow Ichigo is ready for another shot with his Cero, aiming directly at Inoue, then a surprise attack comming from the back it was Ulquiorra, he can still move due to his fast regeneration power as explained in the previous chapter, after that there was another explosion, whats going to happen next? who has the upper hand? well seee you next week!!!!

Bleach Manga Chapter 351 | Bleach Manga Chapter 351 Review

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and now on what you guys have been waiting for here is the bleach chapter 351 anime review, bleach manga chapter 351 is one of the most hit manga series right now, i bet you guys have read it right now, for those who havent here is our bleach manga chapter 351 review again with the same title, read along below for the manga chapter 351 on bleach!

Bleach Manga chapter 351 "the Lust 5"

A groteque change had come over Ichigo when he was revived, which side will he be on the Shinigami o the Hollow,
a dark figure appear after ichigo cutted off Ulquiorras left arm, But it was easily regenerated , Ulquiorra saying "His greatest power isn't offense it was his Regeneration"Ulquiorra then Summon a spell "Lanza Del Relampago" well the only thing i know is that it looks like a Lance, Ulquiorra warned Ichigo to stay where he is for he doesnt want to throw the thing if theye were too close, then He summoned another one but before completing it Ichigo was on his side, He aimed the lance at Ichigo but Ichigo stopped it with just one hand, and the other hand slashed Ulquiorra in half, as he stayed lying he still cant believe that he was deafeated by a "Human Turn Hollow" but still the Hollow Ichigo wasnt finished He stepped on Ulquiorras face and summoned a Cero directly above Ulquiorras head. after that i a blast was seen.. is that it?? was that the end of Ulquiorra?? well till nexttime see yas
by aldechoi

Naruto Manga Chapter 441 | Naruto Manga Chapter 441 Review

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we are back this week for our anime review on naruto manga chapter 441 anime review, bringing to you the latest happenings in the top manga here right now, naruto manga chapters, check out below the whole naruto manga chapter 441 review, you can see that this will contain the whole review that we are having on naruo 441 manga chapter. check it out now!

Naruto Manga Chapter 441 "Rasen Shiriken V.S Shinra Tensei"

waaw the cover page, is a cute picture of Hinata, now what can this chapter be, after the Incident with the nine tailed demon fox, Naruto is now back in his sage mode, while pain/Nagato is left in a weakend state, Pains Chibaku Tensei technique has also weakened. As Naruto looked what happened to his village, a memory of Hinata pass through his thoughts. In the other side Hinata was found and rescued by team Gai. Back to Naruto and Pain, Pain challenges Naruto for the Final Battle, Naruto replied that he wants to speak to the real Pain Face to face, but Pain rejected the request and charge in, Naruto had no choice but to fight back. Naruto grabbed pains sword and stabbed himself this way he saw where the real pain was located. Naruto then a cast the Rasen Shuriken and hid it in the smoke. Pain faces it head on. but the shuriken somehow stopped, it was a shadow shuriken, well the battle will now end next week so see ya then
By aldech0i

Rohan Hacks | Rohan Bot Downloads

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Finally rohan in the philippines has been officially set to open beta, everyone can now play, and i guess more users will be looking for ways on how they could beat the race against everyone in achieving power. that is where Rohan bots and rohan hacks comes in. i bet there will be alot of guys going to be searching for these things when rohan is finally out. i was hoping some people will share what they might find. check out more details for rohan bot and rohan hacks just after the jump.

rohan bots might come in handy, just like other MMORPG, rohan bots might as well be available in the near future. if ever it might, can you guys share it here so that everybody else will know! and for the rohan hacks, alot of hacks might come to leak, so when it does and i get to find one, i will be posting it right here for you guys to grab it hands first. anyway, for more info on rohan itself, just put a comment and let me do it for you. and for the rohan bot and hacks, if you know something about these then share it to the world! cheers!


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this website will be feauting buying console games online. there will be a list of games with particular reviews and then a way on how to buy it online. check it out now and see what you might get.

Bleach Chapter 350 | Bleach 350 Review

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Greetings guys! here is the Bleach Manga chapter 350 anime review, for the fourth time, this manga still has the same title, again ichigo still fights against the 4th espada. well better read our anime revie to get to know more of the happenings in bleach chapter 350, for now the battle rages, check out techoccult for more developments on the cover! this anime review features again the bleach chapter 350 enjoy!

Bleach Manga chapter 350 " the Lust 4"
sigh still the same title, on the last chapter there was something happening to Ichigo but what can it be? has the hollow inside hime returned? all will be answered now.
Ichigo consciousness was faint but he he is still there, saying he can hear Inoues voice, and thus he wants to protect her. there was a backgroud voice encouraging him to stand up and fight, and he did only now he had a mask on his face but its different from before, now it has horns and ichigos hair suddenly grow, all of them were astonished to see him stand up, even im astonished, who in the world can get up with a hole blasted in you, Ulquiorra then attacks, the masked Ichigo grabs Zangetsu and was ready to fight. Ulquiorra ask who is he but asked who he is, but Ichigo didnt respond, Ulquiorra then attacks, Ichigo suddenly came out behind him with a a very powerful Cero, again coming from behind Ichigo grabs Ulquiorras left arm then cuts it. Inoue questioned is this really Kurosaki Ichigo? well there is still no explanation who that is, better luck next week. see yas
by aldechoi