Beach Chapter 347 | Bleach Chapter 347 Review

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Beach Chapter 347 | Bleach Chapter 347 Review
here is another anime review we got for this week, this will be featuring the next chapter for bleach. and its 347. this is the battle of ulquiorra and ichigo. continues from the previous part where he released a dark cero. well i wont waste any info. just read our bleach chapter 347 anime review right on.

Bleach manga chapter 347 "The Lust"

in the begining of the chapter we see Ichigo being engulfed in Ulquiorras Dark Cero, as the Dark Cero made contact with him his mask automatically broke into pieces, as the smokes from the explosion cleared up Ichigo was falling and was severely injured, but the attacked didn't stop there, another attacked was unleashed by Ulquiorra, Ichigo was just no match to the released form of Ulquiorra, but Ichigo wasn't going to give up just like that he summoned Getsuga but before he completed the cast he was countered by Ulquiorra and again and again he was blown away, finally the weakened Ichigo was in Ulquiorras hands but still he refuses to let go of his sword as a sign that he wont give up the fight no matter how strong Ulquiorra is. and if you think the release form of Ulquiorra was strong wait till you see the second release, ULQUIORRA's SECOND RELEASE FORM!! too bad the chapter was cut there well till next week.

by aldechoi

Naruto Chapter 437 | Naruto Chapter 437 Review

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Naruto Chapter 437 | Naruto Chapter 437 Review

for our anime review this week, we will be featuring the naruto chapter 437. if you have missed ourspoiler for this chapter. then better read on to this review and see if how correct the spoiler was for naruto chapter 437 review

Naruto manga chapter :437 "Confession"

the title is very interesting, who do you think will confess? and what kind of confession?

well in the title page we see Hinata sitting, with narutos back, as the true face of pain revealed i see him as an old man who cant even hurt a fly, still naruto is still squashed like a bug by pain they continue to talk about what true peace should really be, and from far away Hinata was watching the battle the entire time, in the other side of Konoha the villagers went on a search to find where the real pain is hiding, and the group of Gai has arrived. when pain was about to attack the old frog and take Naruto with him Hinata suddenly appeared. oooohh how cute its the girls turn to save the boy, hehehh but what can Hinata do? and its official!! HINATA CONFESSED TO NARUTO!!! HHHUUURRAAYY!!!,and Naruto was left a little bit shocked on whats happening, as Hinata attacked she was easily blown away, when Naruto saw Hinata down on the ground automatically turned into the FOURTAILED DEMON FOX SOO COOL, but it doesn't end there he leveled up, He now has SIX TAILS!! and covered with bones of the demon fox, now what could happen next??? cant wait for next week

by aldechoi

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God of War 3 tips, cheats and walkthrough

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God of War 3 tips, cheats and walkthroughonce again the carnage continues as kratos searches for justice. he has served the gods who betrayed him. now this time on it 3rd installment, the famous GOD of war, will be facing the Gods of mt. olympus. kratos with his weaponry, shall face on the most darkest creatures of the in GOD OF WAR 3.

awesome!. this game will be out for the ps3 on the 3rd quarter of 2009. so better hold on to your seats, because this game will absolutely change your gaming experience. God of war will be presented for the ps3 platform. i dont know with the other systems. but news has it that it will be for the ps3.

As of now we dont have the God of war 3 tips , cheats and walkthrough. the tips and the cheats for this game will be out right after the game is released. so just hang on and you'll be guided on the walkthrough of the game, the cheats and codes and ofcourse tips on how to conquer the game.

anyway, i wont leave you with nothing. here is GOD OF WAR 3 video teaser for you guys to drool on. cheers!

Bleach Chapter 348 Spoilers | Bleach 348 Spoilers

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the fight between the espadas and the captains grew even more tense ever chapter. whew, has ichigo won over ulqiourra? its what you want to find out right? then bettter see this bleach chapter 348 one time only spoilers. i will be featuring here the spoilers for the bleach upcoming chapter 348.

you might think its fake but no, i dont spam craps like that. featuring bleach chapter 348 is to me featuring news. i have to be factual. so whenever i get to hold of the bleach 348 spoilers, i will surely post it right here. because as of now, there is no bleach 348 spoilers just check back again when i have it by then. cheers
for more spoilers on bleach just click on to the link. Bleach chapter 348

watch gundam 00 season 2 episode 20 | watch Gundam 00 s2e20h

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are you looking for a place to watch gundam 00 season 2 episode 20? no need to do that now. i can give you right away the gundam 00's newest episode. here is the episode 20 of season 2.

gundam has been one of the greatest anime that has hit the screens. it has alot of fans that is enough to make up for the trends. ive check it out and so because you need the gundam 00 latest episode 20 under its 2nd season. wait no longer. here is a part of the gundam 00 season 2 episode 20. enjoy!

unfortunately the video isnt still available here. but dont worry ill be looking for one and will surely post it here. as of now, just view the preview of GUNDAM 00 season 2 episode 20.


Bleach Chapter 346 | Bleach 346 Review

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Bleach Chapter 346 | Bleach 346 Review

Greetings guys, here is our bleach 346 review for the week. this will be featuring the latest chapter on bleach, this review holds what you need to know about the chapter 346 review. enjoy this guys. this is bleach chapter 346 review on :

bleach manga chapter 346: "The Wrath"

Ulquiorras full power has now been unleashed, Ichigos mask broken, whats going to happen now?
in the begining of the chapter we see a piece of ichigo's mask flew of due to Ulquiorras power, this is what i call an "IMBA" meaning imbalance, the new word we always use when playing Dota, Ichigo even in his Hollow form is no match for Ulquiorras released form, when Ulquiorra was about to attack ichigo, the chapter turn to Uryu and Inoue, booo. finally back, with a flick of his hand his mask was whole again, while parrying with Ulquiorra, Ulquiorra challenged Ichigo to hit him with his Getsuga Tensho, just to show how strong he really is, without delay he summoned a very large Getsuga Tensho, but it was suddenly dispelled and Ulquiorra was left unharmed, Ulquiorra planned to let Ichigo see his kuro cero "Black Cero", suddenly Ichigo was engulfed in darkness, what could happen to Ichigo? could the fight be already over? dont miss the next chapter see ya
by aldechoi

Naruto Chapter 436 | Naruto 436 review

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Naruto Chapter 436  Naruto 436 review
Here is our anime review opn the latest chapter of naruto, Chapter 436, entitled "PEACE", just read along if you havent read chapter 436, then our anime review can help you cope up. we are please to provide you guys quality reviews on naruto especially on this chapter 436. enjoy!

as naruto was beaten to the ground by pain, what could the villagers of Konoha be doing, thi villagers now know where the "real" pain is, during the fight of Jiraiya, pain used the tower to transmit signals, and now the villagers must look for the tallest place around konoha to find where the real pain is. and now back to the main story of the chapter, where back to where naruto is, and he is having a little chat with pain, and to think they were so close, well they are both Jiraiyas student, Pain talks about his goals that he wants to achieve. i wont bore you with the details, just to summarize things, Pain has his own meaning of the word justice, and so does naruto, then a flash of memory to the time where Naruto was still under the wing of Jiraiya, and finally near the end of the chapter the True, real and the very original pain appeared, he looks like Orochimaru to me, hehe Nagato-Pain the one that invisions peace, throught the means of power has now shown himself.

i wonder what the original pain can really do? interested too? well make sure to catch the next chapter, see yas

by aldechoi

Naruto chapter 439 spoilers | Naruto 439 spoilers

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want to read the naruto chapter 439 spoiler? cant wait for the raw to come out? then i could probably help you out. ill be placing here the naruto spoilers for chaper 439.
the boards are still looking for naruto chapter 439 spoilers, as of now the pictures cant still be uploaded. its still not available. Naruto chapter 439 will be available by this sunday, after 438 comes out. so just check back when naruto chapter 439 is online. this manga will make you want to read the next one,

as of now i cant give you the naruto chapter 439 spoilers guys, just get back on you by then later. thanks though. anyway here is our anime review on naruto chapter 435

to view the naruto 439 spoilers. click here

Watch Metal Gear Solid Movie trailer | Metal gear Solid Trailer

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Watch Metal Gear Solid Movie trailer | Metal gear Solid Trailer
this 2009, one of the greatest game by konami will run into the big screen. yes you read the title right. Metal Gear Solid the movie. this movie will be based on the popular game metal gear solid. if you are looking for a place to watch the movie trailer of metal gear solid. then you came to the right place.

according to the wires, metal gears is gonna be produced and made by sony pictures. the metal gear solid movie still hasnt released its official trailer, the movie is still yet to be finished, but when ever i get to find the trailer of metal gear solid the movie, then i will give you guys the link, or i would just probably put it here. so that all of you fans can watch it through here,

the cast of metal gear solid is also unconfirmed. rumors has it that russel crowe will be making the character of solid snake live. and the villian, will be ofcourse val kilmer, playing as liquid snake. its still unconfirmed,but whoever could be the leading cast would probably change the history of action movies, might even put james bond out of work. Solid snake,is the next action icon after metal gear solid.

stay tune for more update on metal gear solid movie trailer. ill bring you back the latest update for metal gear solid.

Nintendo DSi coming April 5 | Nintendo DSi Released

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Nintendo DSi coming April 5 | Nintendo DSi Released
Nintendo is again making a new face lift for its famous handheld system, the nintendo DSi. finally as long awaited, nintendo will be releasing an inovated handheld system console that is a step greater than the nintendo DS it was before. do you want to know more about nintendo DSi? lets get started.

The upcoming nintendo DSi will have a prictag of $169.99. and it will be released for america only. this gadget will be out this april as rumors predicted it. here is what the nintendo DSi has to offer.
It has to built in digital cameras (neat, looks like fans will love this) 0.3 megapixels, this will have a 256 mb internal memory and can be extended via SD cards. its ram is now 16MB, four times faster and bigger than the previous one and specs are great, cant mention all of them though i apologize for that. anyway apparently, the GBA slot has been removed this time, so if you guys want to play your old games, then better keep those old systems you got so that you could still play them on your Nintendo DS. here is previous on Nintendo DSi. ENjoy!

Watch Juan Manuel Marquez vs. Juan Diaz Live Stream

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Watch Juan Manuel Marquez vs. Juan Diaz Live Stream
for the first time in history, Juan Manuel Marquez will be facing off with fellow Mexican, Juan Diaz. They will be fighting off for Marquez's Ring magazine lightweight title. so i bet you want to watch the live stream of this match. then i suggest you watch it here. because i can help you Watch Juan Manuel Marquez vs. Juan Diaz via online or Live Stream.

Juan Manuel Marquez won 49 (KO 36) + lost 4 (KO 0) + drawn 1 will be defending his title against Juan Diaz won 34 (KO 17) + lost 1 (KO 0) + drawn 0, with a 12 round battle. the live stream match will be covered from the Toyota Center, Houston, Texas, United States. The people will be expecting a great match between these two great fighters. Juan Manuel Marquez vs. Juan Diaz will probably be attracting alot of boxing fans, even pacquiao might even watch the match, these are two of his enemies long before.

i will be posting the link to watch this online before the match. as of now there are still no one hosting for a live stream match with Juan Manuel Marquez vs. Juan Diaz. so just wait for the jumpstart and ill let you see the live stream that february has to offer, starting with Juan Manuel Marquez vs. Juan Diaz.

here is a video preview for the Juan Manuel Marquez match that you guys want to see. Enjoy!

Naruto Chapter 437 Spoilers | Naruto 437 Spoilers

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Cant wait for Naruto Chapter 437 to come out? well ive got jsut the spoilers for you guys. this spoilers feature the upcoming Naruto chapter 437. people just wanted to read the naruto 437 before it ever comes out into the community.

Naruto chapter 437 will be featured here as soon as we get to find sources. we will just be updating this post and bring to you the Chapter 437 of naruto that you guys have been looking for. So as of now just hang on and be ready for the Spoiler of naruto Chapter 437. CLick me to read the spoilers of naruto 437.

Bleach Chapter 347 Spoilers | Bleach 347 Spoilers

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People just really cant get enough. reading chapter 347 made me say i want more. im here to feature bleach chapter 347 spoilers. this spoiler will be featuring ofcourse the 347 bleach that we all have been craving for.

stay tune and be updated on this post, i will put here the Spoilers for bleach chapter 347, you might not be able to read it through. but atleast you would know what happens next. for the Bleach Chapter 347 spoilers click here.

Bleach chapter 345 | Bleach 345 anime review

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for our next bleach review. we have here the latest chapter of bleach chapter 345. enjoy our review. for our spoilers. just click on to the link. enjoy our anime review on bleach chapter 345

bleach chapter: 345 " the sloth"
in the begining of the chapter we see a very familiar face that hasn't been seen in a while, we see Rukia fighting against an arrancar, named Rudobones Arbola, he has the technique called Arbola that can regenerate the undead soldiers at his disposal, the soldiers are called "calaberas" i think it means "bones". the fight was disturbed when they heard an explosion from the direction on which Ichigo and Ulquiorra were fighting. on the last chapter Ulquiorra led Ichigo to a place called "Espadas above Cuatro" Ulquiorra then talks about the "two Forbidden things under the Dome of Menos Noches" one is an Espadas Cero the "Gran Rey Cero" and the other is an arrancar above "Cuatro" "four" "4" to unleash its power. for if this was to happen it would cause the destruction of Menos Noches. regardless of that fact Ulquiorra suddenly released his sword "Bind-Murushierago" im not really sure what that meant, but finally we can see the release for of Ulquiorra one of my fave arrancar, soo cool!! well nothing much happen its just that the helmet on his head is now complete and he has Black Wings! cool, the shocked Ichigo just glared at the sudden change. with a blink of an eye Ulquiorra attacked. luckily Ichigo made a quick reflex to deflect the attack using his Getsuga Tenshou. when the smoked cleared Ichigo was seen with his mask a little brocken. the fight is getting more and more intense, who would win? Ichigo with his mask on or is it Ulquiorra with his released form?
make sure to watch the next chapter! see yas
by aldechoi

Naruto Chapter 435 | Naruto 435 Anime Review

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for the latest chapter on naruto, here is our anime review on the latest chapter for naruto 435. enjoy. just stay tune for our spoiler for 436 naruto. click here for the spoiler for naruto 436. click me

naruto manga chapter 435: Bansho Tenin
about the cover, the cover of the chapter is really cool Naruto back to back with Pain, kinda makes you think " if naruto will become evil, will he be like pain?" well guess not, but there is a possibility.
now for the review, on the last chapter naruto was caught by pain and slowly his sage chakra has been sucked out of him leaving him in a very weak state, but he countered the attack, by letting his enemy suck up his sage chakra, the enemy can't control the sage chakra and like the old trainees for the sage technique he turned into a frog statue, with this naruto was able to break free, the two elder frog were busy meditating for a special illusion attack, but pain did'nt waist any time he suddenly attack the elder grandfather frog, he stabbed the elder frog and was left unconscious, they didnt say if he died or not, the enraged naruto attacked but was countered and was smashed to the ground, and to make sure naruto wont escaped, he used his reningan and stabbed narutos left hand. on the other side of the village, they mourned for the death of shizune, and suddenly some idea came to inos father, a plan to defeat pain.
curious on what pain was talking to naruto about? well make sure you watch the next chapter! see yas!!
by aldchoi x_XV

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have you heard of the latest online website game that has been predicted to swipe off cabal, Perfect world, and some others off gaming craze? alot of people has been waiting for rohan to push through, they even want so have free close beta accounts. today is the day that rohan's closed beta was finally release. but only a few got to register for the close beta. there are alot of people that thinks that this game will be another role playing game that would only be top for a few months and would later decline. i dont think so.

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One Piece 533 | One Piece Chapter 533 Spoiler

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looking for One piece chapter spoilers? then i might have the spoiler for the 533 that you guys might want to read in advance. if you guys cant wait for the chapter to be released out for you guys then this One piece 533 chapter might be very hanndy for those who enjoy reading spoilers. here is a link for more details. One Piece Chapter 533 Spoiler

One piece spoiler 533 | one piece chapter 533

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to every one piece fan out there we will start featuring spoilers for one piece. starting on its latest upcoming episode chapter 533. just keep posted for our version of the one piece chapter 533 spoilers. here is a preview link for the 533 spoiler of one piece latest chapter.

Naruto Spoiler 436 | Naruto chapter 436

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here are the confirmed naruto spoiler 436! hope you enjoy...

Ino dad: I know! Where Pain's real body is!
Shikamaru: Did you get something?
Ino: What do you mean?
Ino dad: Yeah... When I looked in the head of that guy from hidden rain that Jiraiya-sama caught, he was carrying dead bodies with his friend from the village

(man: we're carrying dead bodies to the highest tower of the village. You know what is in there?)

Shikamaru: Carrying dead bodies?
Ino dad: Yes... You said it yourself earlier, in order to transmit the chakra signals, the receiver should logically be nearby. then... that guy said that among all the towers in hidden rain, it was the tallest tower they were carrying dead bodies to

(Dead body guy: Actually... The rumor is that Pain-sama is dwelling there)

Ino dad: In hidden rain, the rumor is that Pain was inside of that tallest tower. Then that girl appeared as Pain... It was the same girl whose dead body was being carried to that tall tower... It would mean that this tower is the place where they create Pain bodies by embedding those black stakes-like receivers into dead bodies
Shikamaru: So what is the connection with the position of the real body?
Ino dad: To transmit the chakra signals, the most efficient place is... To transmit as far away as possible, he had to be in the tallest tower
Anbu: I see... which means
Ino dad: Pain's real body is on the highest place of Konoha...
Shikamaru: All right! Let's investigate thoroughly tall places

we will update you guys when we get to grab the content for the next naruto chapter. chapter 436. just be update for naruto chapter 436 spoiler from this site. for more info on the naruto spoiler chapter 436 just click on to the link.

Watch Nathan Cleverly vs. Samson Onyango live stream

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Watch Nathan Cleverly vs. Samson Onyango live stream
this february 13, Cleverly's will have to defend his Commonwealth light heavyweight title. better watch Nathan Cleverly vs. Samson Onyango face off in a 12 round battle. if you want to watch the live stream of this match then i have a link here that would help you guys watch Nathan Cleverly vs. Samson Onyango through the wires right here live stream.

for the tale of the tape, in the Nathan Cleverly vs. Samson Onyango match up. they will be facing 12 round of hard pounding fight. Nathan Cleverly with a standing of won 14 (KO 4) + lost 0 (KO 0) + drawn 0, will be facing of against Samson Onyango won 18 (KO 12) + lost 3 (KO 1) + drawn 0. the defender Nathan Cleverly has a still to meet someone to bring in a lose for this fighter. but will samson onyango prove himself a foe worthy. better watch the live stream for this match so that you wont miss a thing.

hours after the match i will be posting it here guys. the link for you to watch the live stream right through. for now i offer you the video preview of Nathan Cleverly vs. Samson Onyango head on! cheers!

i wasnt able to find a video preview on Nathan Cleverly vs. Samson Onyango so just sit tight till i go.

click on to this link for you to watch the result and the video for Nathan Cleverly vs. Samson Onyango. click me.

Bleach 344 spoilers | bleach 344 read manga

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Bleach 344 spoilers | bleach 344 read manga
For our bleach anime review here is our newest episode 344. hope you guys enjoy anime review on Blech anime 344.

Bleach manga chapter 344 title: "The Pride"

the last chapter ended with the arrival of Ishida Uryu going 1 on 1 with the arrancar number 10 yammy, yammy was then blown away by the special bomb that Uryu brought, now that Yammy was out of the battle, Uryu then goes up to ichigo, the surprised ichigo hesitated to ask how did Uryu get here, but Uryu told him everything. after the small talk ichigo then turned his back and asked Uryu to protect Inoue while he is fighting. and now the fight I have been waiting for so long is now going to happen. ichigo then faced Ulquiorra, and put his nad before his face, its time for the hollowfication. huuurraayyy!! its been a while since i saw this. and after a cloak of shadow disappeared ichigo then emerged with his Hollow mask on. +10 to the drawing, with his great speed he dashed towards Ulquiorra, Ulquiorra easily gaurded the attacked, due to the powerful attack, his sword cracked a little and with the help of the getsuga tenshou imbeded on Tensan Zangetsu, Ulquiorra was blown away, but he countered with a Cero. The Cero was easily blocked by ichigo. with the chance Ulquiorra escaped, Ichigo followed him and eventually Ulquiorra led Ichgo to a place above the dome of las noches called "Espadas above Cuatro".

what is Ulquiorras's intention? and what is this place called Espadas above Cuatro, all will be answered on the next chapter. see yas then.

by aLdEcH0i

Naruto Manga chapter 434 | Naruto 434 Anime review

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Naruto Manga chapter 434 | Naruto 434 Anime review
another anime review we have here is on naruto versus pain. better watch what's up and see how naruto or pain wins.

Naruto Manga chapter 434: "Naruto V.S God Realm

in the end part of the last chapter the pain and naruto face off still hasn't been decided. Naruto got his Sage mode agen because of the help of his Kage bunshin, and pain has now fully unleashed his God realm.

in the begining of the chapter naruto has beaten down one of pains body, now there is only two pain left to deal with. as naruto attacked from both sides he was blown away by pain with a technique called Shinra Tensei, the technique that can repel any opponent from any direction, but there is a five second cool down before pain can use it again. when naruto was pushed away the three giant toads headed by gambunta surrounded pain and attacked, but pain easily avoided it. there was a difference in the pain that he is facing now than before. because the pain in front of naruto now has gotten all his God realm powers back after a very long cool down. like what happen to naruto pain again used his Shinra Tensei on the giant toads, and was repelled at a very long distance. the only plan left for naruto is to make an illusion technique which would take a lot of time. and another problem occured hes bunshin sage is again getting low, the total bunshin that naruto can create is only three and he is down on his last two bunshin that has the sage technique. as the battle continues the two pain are standing and giving praise to naruto but suddenly pain attacked, with a technique called Bansho Tenin to make it simple hes like a magnet that can repell and attract in this case the Basho Tenin force naruto to go to pain. and he was grabbed from behind, then hes sage power was being absorbed by pains other body, the chapter ended with naruto's sage mode put out. and naruto was captured by pain, is this the conclusion of the naruto/pain face off??? well better watch the next chapter.

on the lighter side the chapter was filled with scenes of hinata worrying so much of naruto, so cute.

by aLdEcH0i

images: kaw lang panigta tot x_x same gihapon pain vs naruto

Black Cat | Heartnet Anime review

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Black Cat   Heartnet Anime review
For our anime review this week. here is black cat. hope you enjoy our anime review for this week guys. here it goes.

For the anime review i will talk about the main character of the anime show Black Cat and this is no other than Train Heartnet. Known in the underground world as the 13th chronos number or code name "kuroneko" Black Cat in english. in the anime, Train first shows up as an assassin for the organization called "Chronos". he is the most feared of all assassins, when he gets a mission he never fails to hit is mark, and always saying "ive come to deliver some bad luck" one of my favorite lines. his primary weapon is a gun called "Hades" with a XIII engraved on it. he may be a ruthless assassin but he doesn't kill women and children. His way of life as a Chronos number continued until the day he met Saya, she first saw her on the roof top of his apartment singing,and wearing a kimono, She is a very energetic girl, and with her personality, she was able to put a smile on to Trains face, her job is a sweeper, professionals that specialize in capturing wanted criminals for rewards. upon meeting her He suddenly wants to be free from the Chronos organization for he decided not to kill anyone for any reason. after the death of Saya train became a sweeper. then he meets Sven and Eve, his companion in his new life as a sweeper. about the character design. i like Train when he was still an assassin, he has the eyes of a fierce cat ready to kill, and the black cloak makes the embodiement of a black cat.

i recomend this anime to everyone, its full of action, comedy. runs for 24 episodes. another thing that will inspire you to watch is that the anime artist of black cat is also the one that made to~Love~Ru. Enjoy

by aLdEcH0i


Cosplay Goddess: Arisa Mizuhara

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Arisa Mizuhara is a professional cosplayer in Japan. Everyone calls her the goddess of cosplay just by looking at her can really tell that she is very good at it. She even made the customes by herself. Arisa Mizuhara is 26 years old. Standing 5' 4" in height with vs of 34-25-36.

This is her website:

Arisa Mizuhara's Services:
-Showgirl for event, party, stage performance. She can sing, dance and host in costume
-Media. for tv, advertisement, print job
-Design, costume making

and the best part...Cosplay Date <3
She can cosplay an anime girl and go on a date. She have many costume for you to choose from. She can act the character very well and will fulfil the fantasy to be with your favorite anime girl.

Left 4 Dead cheats and codes

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We were supposed to play DotA and saw this new game that was played by the gamers at gols. I tried it and it was fun. In Left 4 Dead, you can play LAN with your friends. I asked a friend for the cheats and codes and here it is.

In the main menu of the Left 4 Dead, you must enable first the "console" of the game before playing for the cheats and codes. Go to "Options" > "Keyboard/Mouse" > "Allow Developers Console"

In the game, the owner of the server will press ~ and type in the console window sv_cheats 1 (like playing counterstrike) and press enter. This will activate the cheat mode.

Left 4 Dead cheats and codes:
buddha - Receive damage, but will not die
changelevel [map name] — Quick change map.
give health - Add health
give ammo — Refill Ammunition.
give pistol — Get Pistol, or alternatively get autoshotgun, rifle, hunting_rifle, moltov, pipe_bomb, first_aid_kit, pain_pills, gascan, oxygen_tank, propane_tank.
give X - Give any item (where X = item name)
god — Invincibility/Gode mode.
impulse 10 - All weapons and ammunition
nb_blind 1 - Infected cannot see you
noclip - Walk through walls
v_infinite_ammo 1 — Unlimited Ammunition.
z_spawn weapon_SMG — Gives you the SMG.
z_spawn [NPC name] — Spawn indicated NPC type, their names are mob, witch, tank, boomer, smoker, hunter.
warp_all_survivors_here - Teleports all survivors to your position
warp_all_survivors_to_checkpoint - Teleports all survivors to the nearest checkpoint
warp_all_survivors_to_finale - Teleports all survivors to the finale
warp_to_start_area - Teleport yourself to the next chapter

watch Vic Darchinyan vs. Jorge Arce live stream

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there will be a championship match for the WBC/WBA/IBF junior bantamweight title. and this will be against Vic Darchinyan vs. Jorge Arce. if you want to watch the fight online then i have the link here.

for you guys to watch Vic Darchinyan vs. Jorge Arce simply click on the link you can now watch it live stream. Vic Darchinyan won 51 (KO 39) + lost 4 (KO 2) + drawn 1 going up in a 12 round battle against Jorge Arce won 51 (KO 39) + lost 4 (KO 2) + drawn 1

i will be posting the results here so just head on. also the video and the result.
here is the link to watch Vic Darchinyan vs. Jorge Arce
anyway here is a video preview of the battle.

Anime review : Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (Heavenly Breakthrough Gurren Laggan)

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Anime review : Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (Heavenly Breakthrough Gurren Laggan)

for our anime review, here is Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. we are hoping for you guys to watch this anime, its really awesome, just read along our anime review and judge yourself.

anime review: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (Heavenly Breakthrough Gurren Laggan)

The story is about a fourteen year old boy named Simon, who is living his ordinary life in an underground village, named Jeeha Village, all his life he has been underground always digging. in their way of life they have no choice but to dig deeper to expand a home. Simon is an exceptional digger because he is really fond of digging, this gives him the image of a strange person, in one of his digs he found a small drill, you can tell this is no ordinary drill because its glowing, he then showed the item to Kamina, the only true friend he has on this village. the two of them are very close friends, so close that they call themselves as brothers. Kamina then tells Simon about his past experiences that there is an outside world a vast land that is not enclosed, which he saw when he was still a kid. so he wants Simon to help him drill his way out of the village, beacuse of his enthusiam Simon said yes to his plans but unfortunately they failed and they were scolded by the Village leader, when the punishment was undone Simon continues to work on his digging and he discovered a "Face" like statue. with this discovery he headed to Kamina to show him this new dicovery then suddenly there was an earthquake, and all of a sudden a giant robot appeared before him. with the robot a girl holding a large riffle appeared to save him from being squashed. a fight suddenly began, with a brief introduction it was found out that the girls name was Yoko Litner, and the robot that appeared was called a gunmen, he she was chasing after it. Simon wanting to help Yoko led them to the "Face" like statue that he discovered. not knowing that the drill he found earlier was a key that can activate the "Face" like robot.with the robots awakening he used it to destroy the invading Gunmen and with a special attack he was able to break through the walls and to the surface. and this is the start of Simons adventure in the surface world, about the gunmen, and what its like to be a human.
i really recomend this anime to everyone, because the story is action packed adventures and has humor in it. the story isn't all just about fighting because it has a deeper meaning you will be able to find out what it is like to be human. so make sure you watch the adventures of Simon, Kamina, Yoko and the other members of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann! enjoy.
by aLdEcH0i

here is a video link for you guys to watch tengen toppa gurren

Warhammer Online Tips Bot Hacks

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on of the famous table top strategy game is going to be up for the web gaming industry. Going out as one of the top most played game in the last decade, Hopes are up that in its Online genre, warhammer online will rank up to the top. if you havent played the game, then just read along for you to find out, what warhammer online is all about. you may also find the Tips, Bots and Hacks for the game.

The very own developers of Warhammer Online is planing to use the game series' well-developed back story as the plot of the whoel world game and in order to create a realistic and believable world in which heavy and advance conflict between dark elves, mountain trolls, intelligible humans and magical halfings is a fact of life. In what's sure to be a great surprise to its players is that warhammer online used multi-realm worlds, warhammer online will release with only one area to start with so that you guys wont be that lost, especially that you havent played the game much. Don't get too upset though, because this area is simply massive and is really enough for a colony to form. ill be posting updates here for the game so that you guys could watch it and judge yourself to play. i still dont know if it is a free to play, but mostly it is. check out and stay tune for Warhammer online, i will be looking for tips and bots for this game for those who want them and i will also provide hacks if i find one. cheers!

anime review : School rumble | Tsukamoto Yakumo

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here is another anime review we have. again it will be on school rumble and of course about the other leading lady bound to be with harima kenji, the main star of school rumble. hope you guys enjoy our latest anime review on School rumble | Tsukamoto Yakumo. cheers!

do you like the "Silent" type of Girls?

for the anime review today im focusing on the other angel that is looking after Harima Kenji. She is Tsukamoto Yakumo, from again the hit anime School Rumble. she is a first year student class D, The younger sister of Tsukamoto Tenma. She is beautiful, the japanes type of beauty, and very inteligent and also one of the dream girls in her school, this makes her a great Rival of Sawachika Eri, because like Eri, she also has feelings for Harim, this started when she was an assisstant for Harima, helping him on his manga.

Yakumo may look like your ordinary beautiful student but inside she has a hidden power, she can read other peoples mind, well not all, to be specific she can read the minds of the people who likes her, the only one who she cant read is Harima, another one of the reason why she was attracted to him, and she also wanted to read the minds of animals, but failed, another reason she was attracted to him is because he can understand animals. at first she doesn't really like him and see's him only as a friend, she is the only person who know's that Harima is in love with Tenma, her sister. one thing i like about yakumo is that she is willing to give up her happiness if it means making her sister happy, such nice love for a family member.

Yakumo and Harima also makes a good pair, but still i go for EriHarima! hehe ^_^ but still this combination is also good, so its up to you to decide who are you siding with. so dont forget to watch the anime School Rumble.

additional Info: the voice of Yakumo is Mamiko Noto, one of my Favorite seiyu, or voice actress. and for Sawachika Eri is Yui Horie another one of my favorite seiyu.

by aLdEcH0i