Lady Gaga Telephone Review

Posted by Cesar Valiente On Sunday, March 14, 2010 1 comments

Yep, I'm back here to bring you a Review of Lady Gaga's Telephone.  A lot of people are saying mixed comments. But here I am giving you a review based from what I understood.


We all know that Gaga has tremendous ideas of metaphors and symbolism. We all know that In the music video of Paparazzi, Gaga ends up in jail. She killed her boyfriend because he was so disturbing her and thus poisoned him. Now Beyonce is the one asking for help because her boyfriend was disturbing her. And she poisoned him with the help of Gaga in the Kitchen. Then the whole people eating at the fastfood chain were dead. There is only one thing that is certain and that is  DEATH. There were a lot of deaths in the video. First was the boyfriend of Beyonce. It's expected because he was always calling her on the telephone and wants to shut him up forever. The next death was the people in the Fast Food Chain. It represents that the food in fastfood chains are not healthy for us and it's the most basic knowledge about it. We never know what they put inside the ingredients so that represents a warning for us. I guess on the first scene it was cleared that she is not a hermaphrodite. There were a lot of Endorsements in the video that most likely makes it like a commercial but that's what pop culture is so I'm not surprised about it. Also there was a Quentin Tarantino theme in the mini-movie/musicvideo just like the "Pussy Wagon"


The meaning of telephone was clearly direct to the song. People starts to get annoyed when someone is disturbing them emotionally, mentally, physically. We all have limitations on what we feel and do. That's what make the video to some people weird because it's in a artful way that she portrayed it that some people won't realize it not until people will Tell them what it is about. In the music video Beyonce was really annoyed by her boyfriend and it triggers her to be on her limit and that is asking help from someone who can shut him up. A lot of people were shocked on the result of the video.


Well I admit that most of the scenes had the sexy clothes and censored  things, a lot of endorsements, revenge, poison, death etc. But that's what makes this video interesting. It's just a simple 9 minute mini-movie but Recently the video has recently have Almost 12 Million views in just 3 days and almost have 62,000 comments. Both good and Bad. So what can you say about it?

This video may be giving a great impact both on the Pop music and maybe those products might have an increase of products bought.