Anime review : Fate Stay Night | Saber Arthuria

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Anime review : Fate Stay Night  Saber Arthuria
for our anime reivew we have here. fate stay night's saber arthuria pendragon. we chose this anime because we want you guys to remember the chivalry and valor the arthurian knights have contributed to the world. cheers! enjoy our anime review guys! here is Saber arthurie of fate stay night.

Saber from the anime show Fate/Stay Night by Type Moon. runs for 24 episodes filled with action, romance, legends.

Saber is one of the servants that one master can randomly choose, there are a total of 7 servants but in the show but as i have searched there are more. Saber based on her name is a warrior type, very loyal to the master that serves, she works on her own pace and sometimes doesn't need anyone to get the job done, she is extremely focused on her mission even to act as cold as ice fore this sole purpose. The name "Saber" is not just for display, for she is a swordsman type, she is said to be the most powerful of all servants which i believe is so very true, she is not what i call shy because sometimes she is in command, her soft voice is what makes her character look shy. sometimes she is clueless who wouldn't be, if you came from the past and suddenly went to the present. at first i thought she was a tomboy because she is not interested in any man, this was because of her true identity, she was the the British King Arturia Pendragon, inspired from the character King Arthur. becuase of her duty as King she was not allowed to fall in love, she knew this from the type she pulled her sword Excalibur from the stone, but as the anime progress she slowly gains her womanly feelings, and later falls for Shiro, her present master.

about the character design, nothing more to be said she is a total beauty, i like her costume without the armor, there are three types of clothing that she wear in the entire series, a normal clothes, her armor plated costume, and one without the armor, she has a short hair shoulder level.

i was a great Saber fan, until Dark Saber came along, Dark Saber is still Saber but having a dark soul, consumed by the Angra Mainyu, she became Dark Sakura's servant, this part was not in the show, hopefully it will be aired in the next few years.

by aldechoi

australian open men's finals| Nadal vs. Federer

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Australian open held in Melbourne is about to come to and end. With the Austrailian open Men's Final, Federer vs. Nadal as it's finale. Earlier in the women's division Serena Williams won over Dinara Safina. Serena Williams was the favoured to win during the said match up and as expected Serena pulled off the win.

The match tomorrow for the Australian open men's finals promises to be an exciting one as world number one Rafael Nadal faces off against his rival, ranked number two in the world,Roger Federer. The two has had a number of exciting battles in the past and either one of them is capable of pulling of the win. The Australian open men's final between Nadal and Federer sure is an exciting finish for the tournament.

Acer Aspire One 8.9" Netbook PC - AOA150-1635

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If you are looking for a compact laptop/ netbook you can use then i recommend Acer Aspire One 8.9" Netbook PC - AOA150-163. see the specs below so that you would know what im talking about.

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- 1-Year International Travelers Limited Warranty
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Read Bleach chapter 343 | bleach the gluttony

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another anime review we have is the manga bleach chapter 343. you have to read along bleach fans and see the anime review we made for you guys. this will feature mostly the contents of mana bleach chapter 343. just for you guys. read along cheers!

Bleach chapter 343: "the Glutonny"
the chapter starts with yammy interupting the duel between ichigo and ulquiorra, saying that he's there to help ulquiorra. but ulquiorra rejects the offer saying that this isn't his fight, and that he should just take care of the other shinigami. ichigo has now rembered who the iterupter is, and is shocked to see that he is still living. who wouldn't be shock, even im shock he's still alive and breathing. yammy suddenly attacked the two femal arrancar that were trying to abduct inoue, the female arrancar then released her zanpaktou. " poison escolovendra" emerging with a centipede like tentacles, so yammy and the arrancar duels. being confident that her poison zanpaktou could kill her opponent she was suddenly , squashed like a bug. after elimenating her oponent yammy suddenly switched her target and now he's trying to kill inoue, ichigo was still per occupied with ulquiorra, as yammy approach her, someone suddenly showed up, and shoot yammy from behind, unfortunately it wasn't a fatal attack, as the image clears up the one who shoot yammy was uryuu, arriving at the battle field, upon seing this yammy charged at him but then something suddenly explode, the chapter ended with uryuu saying "that mad scientist gave me a special mine just for arrancars"
will the flow ofthe battle change now that ishida uryuu has arrived, what has happen to yammy after that explosion, this questions will be answered next week so make sure to watch the manga. bye
by aLdEcH0i

Read Naruto Chapter 433 | naruto sage technique failure

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for our manga anime review. here is the latest naruto chapter 433 intitled sage technique failure. we have this raw manga for you guys to read. but we wont be giving you guys the manga but our own anime review. here is our review on naruto chapter 433. sage technique failure.

Naruto chapter 433 Sage Technique Failure!?
the chapter starts with Naruto without having his Sage mode, pain takes the chance to strike him down, the two elder frog planned to fuse in order to help naruto, but this was imposible because of the nine-tailed demon fox. as pain charges in for the kill Gamabunta steps in to protect naruto, then naruto lets out the big scroll he was carrying. as the scroll opened one naruto came out from it and with that naruto's sage technique was again put in use. as pain and naruto faced off his sage technique was back and the Rasen Shuriken was again in his hands. thinking that he had the advantage and victory as he threw the rasen shuriken to pain, one of pains body deflected it. or to be more exact, absorbed the rasen shuriken. this left naruto shocked for he thought this pain was already anahilated. then he realized that there is one of pains body that can revive the other pain. so naruto thought of a plan, he first must destroy the one who si reviving the other pain, another technique is seen in this chapter, he uses his rasengan as a tool to make smoke by letting rasengan hit the floor. thus creating the dust smoke. from the smoke came out a rasen shuriken. as the other baody of pain absorbs the attack the rasen shuriken suddenly transformed, to naruto grabbing pain and at his back another rasen shuriken shoots out from the smoke created before closing in on the original pain. as the rasen shuriken approach pain, pain suddenly repelled it saying "my strength has finally returned. upon repelling the rasen shuriken he didn't notice naruto attacking his other body from above with a sage technique called the double rasengan. the chapter ended with both pain and naruto evenly matched.
in the next chapter full sage naruto versus full-strength god realm.
make sure to watch the next time
by aLdEcH0i

Anime review: Lucky Star | Konata Izumi

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Anime review: Lucky Star  Konata Izumi
for our anime review of the day we will be all about Konata Izumi of Lucky Star. just read through the review below and i bet you will start loving Lucky Star right after you finish through with the last line. cheers!

enjoy our anime review on Konata Izumi from Lucky Star.

when i think of something cute, the only thing that goes in my mind are "chibi" or the super deformed design of a certain character, as i said deformed meaning they have big heads, even larger eyes and small bodies. and the only show that comes to my mind that includes a lot of chibi is then anime show Lucky Star, and here i found one of my favorite characters Konata Izumi.

Konata was Voted as one of the top anime girls, i think she was rated top 3 or was that 5. Konata is an ordnary student, like the show it is very ordinary, it talks about what we humans do in our every day life mostly in the things that girls do. Konata is the primary character of the show, she is very athletic but she doesn't have any clubs or sports, saying that she will miss her anime series if she joins one, i kinda know the thing that konata is trying to say because i do that all the time, she is smart, but she doesn't study so her grades are that of a failing student but if given the right incentives, like PS2, or GBa. she can boost her grades in an instant. very friendly and outgoing thats why she is known as the leader of the group. her friends call her " Kona-chan". She lovers playing Online games and even plays with her teacher in the game, which has both positive and negative effects. this is the thing i like about her because we have the same traits an habits.

about the character design well some say shes very small for me i think a plus to her cuteness. Konata has a long blue hair, and a thing called "ahoge" a single, large lock of hair sticking out of a characters head, another is her eyes , eyes that looks like shell sleep at any moment, but to Konata's eyes means that she scheming somethingi really like eyes like this and her cute smile like that of a cat all add up to create a very kawaii character.

so if you want to know more about this adorable character better put the anime title "Lucky Star" on your list. i dont recomend the show to those people who wants action all the time because the anime is all talk, but if you read and watch it im sure it will leave a smile on your face, the show runs for a total of 24 episodes genre is comedy, and everyday life.

by aLdEcH0i

Zhu Xian PH online cheats bots and hacks

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Zhu Xian PH online cheats bots and hacks
This is based on the popular internet fantasy novel 'Zhu Xian', ZX Online: Journey to Immortality is now in the Philippines. Zhu Xian is pretty similar to the popular game Perfect World. They say that Zhu Xian is the part2 or an expansion of Perfect World online. But unlike pw, Zhu Xian PH is hosted by e-games and not levelup. Zhu Xian has a pet system whick can be seen in perfect world and talisman crafting, they are a known to be a source of a Chinese warrior's source of extra power. Combining two or more can create a more powerful one.

According to by CM Mei Yan The Five Schools in Zhu Xian Online are:

Heaven Sound Temple

Heaven Sound Temple practices the highest level of Buddism called Sanskrit Prajna. They emphasize on their own cultivation and strengthen their health by Buddism Dharma. Heaven Sound Temple outshines others in the magic of defense. It’s disciples are masters of theory of recovery. It’s also the only school who knows the mana of resurrection. They are like the doctors who can help to restore HP and increase defense. It’s good at group attack but can’t cause deadly damage to enemies.

Azure Cloud School

Azure Cloud School has a long history. Ancestor Qing Ye hardly had any rivals since he obtained the ancient sword zhuxian from the Paraselene Cave. Azure Cloud School originated from Taoism. They are the magicians and are good at long distance attack and group attack but is weak in single attack and defense.

Bonding Bliss School

Bonding Bliss School is one of the demon path. They are assassins with high critical strike and high damage. They look graceful and thus make you unaware that the danger is just beside you. They are the only one who can get the head of the enemies instantly. Its deadly weakness is defense.

Ghost Witchery Level

Ghost Witchery is good various kind of venom skills. They can transform themselves into different stance, but their body is very weak and can’t resist the deadly strike from enemies.

Ghost King Sect

Most of their theory comes from Heavenly Book. They can resort to different means in a bid to realize their objective. They are berserk warriors and good at single melee attack with strong defense. But it’s weak in long distance attack and group attack.

The Sims 3 cheats and walkthrough

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The Sims 3 cheats and walkthrough
The sequel to the all time favorite Sims 2 is to be realeased this coming February 2009 on PC. The upcoming Sims 3 can now have a wide variety of choices in creating a sim. In the Sims 3, you can now gradually make your sim go obese, muscular to skinny. You can also change the root color of the hairs of your sims and even add some highlights. The traits of the sim can now be personally customized into 5 different traits. The artificial intelligence of the sims has been upgraded. There are also added features in the Sims 3, like the stage young adult with you can see in the Sims 2 expansion pack. Also the sim can go to the neighborhood and interact among the other sims. They can go the the park, mall, university, restaurants, arcade and even the graveyard. Sims can own mobile phones, cars and also do business. The Sims 3 focused in the world outside without having a hard time on loading.

Personally, I can’t wait for the release of The Sims 3. It made gaming more fun and will inspire you with endless creative possibilities you can imagine.

The Sims 3 System Requirements

Windows XP with Service Pack 2:
Processor: Pentium IV 2.0 GHz / Athlon XP 2000+
Memory: 1 GB
Graphics: GeForce FX 5900 / Radeon 9500
Graphics Ram: 128 MB

Windows Vista with Service Pack 1:
Processor: Pentium IV 2.4 GHz / Athlon XP 2400+
Memory: 1.5 GB
Graphics: GeForce FX 5900 / Radeon 9500
Graphics Ram: 128 MB

watch saw 6 movie online | watch saw VI trailer

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watch saw 6 movie online | watch saw VI trailer
as foretold saw v will have another movie sequel. saw 6. it will be out this novemeber 2009. i guess we still have to wait a little bit longer guys.

in Saw 6, Jigsaw or john (Tobin Bell) will still be there to taunt us, remember the box in saw v. we dont even know that was inside that box! And with his twisted police disciple Mark Hoffman (Costas Mandylor)we will be wreakign his own jigsaw version now that his master is dead. Both characters will still be there, Tobin Bell and Costas Mandylor hhas signed another contract for twisted pictures to appear once more in saw 6. the trailer is not available yet. but when it comes out. im surely gonne be the first to post it on the web for you guys to watch saw 6 trailer online.

No hint about the plot yet. but rumors has it that the doctor from saw i will be back. and that more scenes will be given to the wife of john or jigsaw.

we are all thrilled for the next saw movie. so you better stay tune. we dont know when the trailer will be up so be ready to watch saw VI movie trailer online.

COD World at War cheats | Call of duty tips and walkthrough

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the latest installment of call of duty COD is thte stunning world of war package. this composes of all super intense war action, from black hawk down to rambo 5. call of duty COD will be great. i know it will. so you guys, who needs the cheast and tips or even the walkthrough of this game then hang on tight.

when i get a hold of the manuscript of the cheats for COD world of war, i will update this post. you name it. cheats, tips and walkthrough. i will hand them all out to you. here is a video preview on World of war COD cheats, tips and walkthrough.
i know COD fans will be awed when world of war will be released. i bet the cheats and tips will be sold out easilt if it would only be bought out. lols. enjoy COD world of war guys! you can also check out this site for new trends. click me

anime review: Monster Princess | Kaibutsu Ojuo

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anime review: Monster Princess  Kaibutsu Ojuo
our anime review for today would be on Kaibutsu Ojuo of Monster Princess. this anime review onbe as follows. to all monster princess fan. hopeyou guys like this reviewof ours about Monster Princess Kaibutsu Ojuo. cheers!

today im doing a review about a certain character i like, when i first saw the characater i said to myself "is that Eri???" from school rumble. beacause she really looks a lot like Sawachika Eri. The character im reffering to is Hime from the anime show kaibutsu ojou.

not only does Hime and Eri look alike but they also have the same "ojuo" title. which again means princess. her real name is Lilianne but she dislikes being called in such name. She isn't called ojuo for nothing, she is a daughter of Royalty by the King of all monsters. Her elegance can be seen in her characater design, i like her gothic outfit and the crown which shows that she really is a princess. and the way she drinks tea, for me she is the silent but playful type, because she really has a very soft voice, eventhough i say this she can sometimes go berserk. another thign i like about her is that shes not the helpless type of princess because she can kick all the bad guys butt, shes the fighting princess type bringing with her various weapon such as swords, hammer, flail, chainsaw and my most favorite the defibrillator.

as i said in the previous text, she is one of the daughter of the "King of all Monsters". so i thought that she can eliminate any enemy in a blink of an eye, but as i finish the anime, still no big bang power came from her. throughout the whole series her strenght is just like that of a human being. but she has the power to revive any dead body and make it into her servant. that dead body will gain immortality as long as she receives the blood flame, the power of a royal family to revive dead corpse. the true strength of a Royalty can only be seen if one becomes mature for if a member of a Royal Family matures they will become immortal. thats why the children of the Royal family are trying to kill one another to take the place of the King.

so make sure to watch this anime description of the anime is comedy, i dont know if it is horro enough, but there are lots of monsters, no love here because the relationship of hime and Hiro the main male protagonist is still unclear till the end. thank God. and the anime runs for 24 episode + 2 extra episode. for those who have trouble finding this anime here are some of the tittles you should type, Monster Princess, Kaibutsu Ojuo, Princess Resurrecrtion. Enjoy

by aLdEcH0i

iphone 2.1 firmware download update

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iphone 2.1 firmware download update
as of now apple has released a new iphone 2.1 firmware update ready for download for your iphone. this has new modifications that would be as follows:

reviewer say that this firmware update fixes the myriad problems introduced by 2.0: which are crashing apps, interminable keyboard delays, choppy scrolling. these are most of the bugs that iphone 2.1 firmware update fixes. i dont know yet though what really are the modifications if you know something more please do leave me a comment and add the knowledge on iphone 2.1 firmware download update which i thirst.

for more information on the firmware download please link on the link found in this post. thanks. i will be updating this post when i get to find new info on iphone 2.1 firmware download update.

anime review: school rumble | Harima Kenji

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anime review: school rumble  Harima Kenji
another anime review is on the delinquent, i mean main star of school rumble harima kenji. harime kenji is the twist of evil under the power of love. well just read along our anime review on school rumble to know more about harime kenji. cheers!

one of the tope anime male characters, this character is the serious type but his seriousness leads to scenes filled with laughter and enjoyment. the character im referring to is Harima Kenji the primary male protagonist in the anime School Rumble.

the school rumble setting is close to reality the show doens't include girls with magical powers orstuff out of the ordinary. now back to the main discussion. Harima Kenji is a second year highschool student his class is 2-C. unlike other prince charming like character Harima is unique due to his character, he for one is a delinquent the one who is an outcast in class and the one who dosn't obey the rule type of person.Harimas character is my ideal character in a male, he always skip school, always going on a rampage going around and beating up peaple. kind of scary to approach a kind of guy like this huh? the only one who can change this personality and make him turn into a cute chibi is Tsukamoto Tenma, the center of Harima's affection. when he is with Tenma its like your looking at dumb and dumber. throughout the whole series we can see how Harima tries his best to confess his love to Tenma. unlucky for him something always goes wrong. and with all the wrong confessions leads to one problem after another, one notable scene is the one with Sawachika Eri, and Tenma's little sister Tsukamoto Yakumo. eventhough he is a delinquent he has a soft spot for animals in fact his best friends are all animals to name a few theres, Alexander the frog, pyotr the Giraffe, Napoleon the pig.

the other thing i like about Harima Kenji's character is the drawing itself, shades with long hair and a head band. works for me. and another thing i idolize about him is his undying love for Tsukamoto Tenma, eventhough im a Pro HarimaEri Love Relationship. to be loyal and wait for someone you love eventhough she loves another is an heroic thing to do and that i salute Harima for. so if you want to know more about this great character make sure to put School Rumble on your "things to watch" list because if you wont watch then youll miss 1/4 of your life! ^_^ v well enjoy

by aLdEcH0i

resident evil 5 tips cheats and walkthrough

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resident evil 5 tips cheats and walkthrough
resident evil's latest sequel is here. resident evil 5 or latter known as biohazard 5. for the cheats and the tips. i will be featuring here some of the resident evil cheats and tips that would come useful for you guys.

this game is for the ps3 and the xbox 360. so hang on guys and we will facing another horror survival game in resident evil 5. dont know exactly how things go through but so far all i know the gameplay will be awesome and there will be modifications that will really awe you guys. see the trailer below and judge yourself how resident evil made its way to its 5th sequel. i dont know with other setting but when i get to hand on the tips and the cheats, then i promise to post it right here when i find the tips and the cheats for resident evil 5.

for now here is the trailer video for you resident evil 5 fanatics out there.


suzumiya haruhi review

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for our anime review, here is suzumiya haruhi of melancholy enjoy the review guys. cheers!
suzumiya haruhi review
of all the numerous anime girl created by artists why is haruhi suzumiya rated as one of or probably the best anime girl ever.makes haruhi suzumiya click.

when i first saw the character of haruhi suzumiya, in the anime show "The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" at first i thought this is just another kawaii, energetic and funny little girl not until the end of the series that tells that she was a god who destroyed the whole world and created another beacuse she was bored. which i though is so cool, but besides that lets take a look at her human side. for me she is an otaku who is very intersted in aliens, espers, time travelers and or anything out of the ordinary. she easly gets bored and has no interest in ordinary humans as she says. besides knowing as a weirdo, indifferent and cold by her others she is noted as smart, talented, athletic, confidedent or shall i say very hyperactive resourceful and very persistent to all the things she do. very creative and clever she can get what she wants it doesn't matter when or how. because she is devoted to see or find unatural occurence in this ordinary world she created the S.O.S brigade (Sekai o Oini Moriageru tame no Suzumiya Haruhi no dan) and upon the creation of the organization she proclaimed herself as the leader.

to bad she is only interested in kyon and not to ordinary guys like us, so if you want to learn more about this great girl and anime, and why she was voted as the best anime girl i suggest you start watching the "Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" love, comedy, science fiction and runs for 14 episodes.

by aldechoi

Chelsy Davy and Prince Harry Split up

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Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy splits up after a five year relationship. The couple has been featured in numerous tabloid due to thier relationships. Chelsy Davy is the daughter of the millionaire Charles Davy, a safari operator in Zimbabwe. The Royal Family had high hopes for the couple and the break up comes as a surprise to them, although the royal family claims that the break up was in good terms.

The cause of the split up between Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy is unclear. There are reports that Chelsy Davy made the move to split up with Prince Harry. Although the cause for the break up is unknown many speculate that the long distance relationship was very hard for the couple. Prince Harry now 24 years old began his training to be an Army Air Corps helicopter Pilot while Chely Davy is currently studying post graduate law in Leeds university in south Africa.

Evolution of Mini Cooper

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Mini Cooper is one of the cutest car nowadays and also the oldest. The first mini cooper was sold in 1959 in texas. It was produced by the British Motor Corporation or BMC. Here are some pictures of the evolution of Mini Coopers from 1959 - 2009.







Read Naruto manga chapter 432

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the latest chapter of Naruto shippuden is here.
the 432th chapter of the manga version of Naruto shippuden. for you guys who havent read it yet here is a review on Naruto shippuden chapter 432 of the manga.

naruto manga 432 title: the return of rasen shuriken
as the name title say naruto once again used the rasen shuriken all made posible because of his new acquired sage skill, this is really a surprise because as we all know the rasen shuriken is powerful yet a dangerous technique because it also affects the caster.
the manga begins continuing the pain and naruto face off. pain then reveals to naruto that they are both the students of the legendary sanin jiraiya, for pain was once studied under jiraiya. without any questions naruto lets out his rasen shurken. pain continues to talk about jiraiya, and says that naruto's death will lead to peace.
another thing that surprised me is the new style of the rasen shuriken. the rasen shuriken should hit the target, so naruto has to go in a close distance to the enemy for it to have an effect, but now he just threw the rasen shuriken. like an area of effect type of skill. as it goes near the target it expands causing the target in the area to have a very lethal effect. on of pains body was cut in half upon touching the rasen shuriken.
in the other side of the battle gamabunta ant the two other toads are dealing with the beast summons of pain. then the elder toads had come up with a plan to cut the rinnegans connection. so they trapped one of pains body inside gamabunta's mouth. another new technique was is to be seen the "double rasengan". the one trapped in gamabunta's mouth was completely anahilated. causing the beast summon to disappear. one fierce attack after another but the manga ends having naruto without his sage mode.
be sure to watch the next manga!! another whole week or two for the new release ^_^ v
by aldechoi,

read bleach chapter 342 the greed

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bleach has come to its 342th chapter the greed. for those who havent read the raw version of this chapter. we will feature here the review of the new bleach chapter 342. just read along and found out what the happenings are in bleach's new chapter 342 intitled the greed.


bleach manga 342 title: the greed
and i thought he was already dead. the begining of the manga shows the yawning espada number 10 yami. heading of somewhere. still the conitnuation of ichigo and ulquiorra. the last manga ended with inoue interfering with ulquioras final blow. this leaves ulquira puzzle of inoue's action asking her "why you helped him?" "why didnt you protect him from the first blow" it also leaves me puzzle why didnt inoue helped ichigo in the first place. the look of hesitation was all around inoues face. then ichigo shout " shut up" and instead of asking inoue the question he thanks her for saving him from the last attack,and ask her to stand back for it would be dangerous for her. then ichigo begins to attack again using his getsuga tenshou. the getsuga tenshou that ichigo uses here is different, for he didn't release it out of his sword. instead it stayed within the sword line an enchanting his weapon with getsuga tenshous power. but still ulquiorra remained calm and emotionless saying that with out ichigo's hollow mask this kind of attack wont work on him. while inoue was watching the fight someone grabbed her from the shadows. two female arrancar has captured inoue and attempts to eliminate her. when ichigo notice whats happening he rushed to save inoue, but he was blocked by ulquiorra saying that ichigo's only opponent is him and if he wants to fight another he should finish him first. and in amidst of all the commotion yami suddenly attacked out of nowhere. what could be yami's role in this scenario.
so make sure you watch the next manga!! its another week of waiting! well see yas!!
by aldechoi.

school rumble review : eri sawachika

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for our anime review. we will be featuring eri sawachika of school rumble. Eri sawachika is the most famous anime leading lady in school rumble. school rumble doesnt really revolve around Eri sawachika but she is one of the main characters that lets school rumble great. enjoy our review of Eri sawachika guys.

The golden haired pig tailed goddess in the show school rumble. this adorable character was assigned as a supporting actress, but due to the good combination she has with the shows main male protagonist harima kenji, the spotlight has now focused on their love relationship. eri's nickname is "ojuo" ing english term is "princess". this isnt only in the name because she really is a princess she is the daughter of a wealthy family, her father is a wealthy english business, and her mother is a half-japanese. she was raised in england before transfering to japan. eri is the symbol of beauty and elegance, that is why she is idolized by many students in her school, in several occasions the male students are always asking her out on a date, but she always refuses them because to her it is not sincere. for they only see the outside. and eri wants to find someone who would love her for who she really is. every confession she receives was turned down on a very polite response. except for one. the accidental confession of harima which is actually made for tenma the main female protagonist. to eri , harima's confession was full of passion and genuineness, eventhough it was an accident. and hence the start of the eri-harima love story. theyre realtionship is the very basic love hate relationship. for me i see it as a one sided love story. they have a really cute relationship calling each other with diffferent names, such as "hige" which means beard and "ojuo" meaning princess. when i was watching the series it never fails to put a smile on my face when ever the two of them are together. harima is so lucky to have a very beautiful princess looking after him. eventhough they are already a good match, the series still hasnt put a period on their if you ever watch the series, youre the one to decide if they are really suited for each other or not. -by aldechoi

patch wii menu version 3.3 download

Posted by Cesar Valiente On Wednesday, January 21, 2009 0 comments

the latest wii menu version 3.3 is now up for downloads. it comes in a complete patch and it is east to download. the wii patch menu version 3.3 is easy to install and convenient to download.

this wii patch fixes most of the bugs of the previous menu version. this menu version 3.3 hands out new configurations and sets a newer start in wii patch that people will really enjoy. so what are you waiting for. update your wii to menu version 3.3 now and download the patch here.

patch wii menu version 3.3 download