Bleach Manga Chapter 351 | Bleach Manga Chapter 351 Review

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and now on what you guys have been waiting for here is the bleach chapter 351 anime review, bleach manga chapter 351 is one of the most hit manga series right now, i bet you guys have read it right now, for those who havent here is our bleach manga chapter 351 review again with the same title, read along below for the manga chapter 351 on bleach!

Bleach Manga chapter 351 "the Lust 5"

A groteque change had come over Ichigo when he was revived, which side will he be on the Shinigami o the Hollow,
a dark figure appear after ichigo cutted off Ulquiorras left arm, But it was easily regenerated , Ulquiorra saying "His greatest power isn't offense it was his Regeneration"Ulquiorra then Summon a spell "Lanza Del Relampago" well the only thing i know is that it looks like a Lance, Ulquiorra warned Ichigo to stay where he is for he doesnt want to throw the thing if theye were too close, then He summoned another one but before completing it Ichigo was on his side, He aimed the lance at Ichigo but Ichigo stopped it with just one hand, and the other hand slashed Ulquiorra in half, as he stayed lying he still cant believe that he was deafeated by a "Human Turn Hollow" but still the Hollow Ichigo wasnt finished He stepped on Ulquiorras face and summoned a Cero directly above Ulquiorras head. after that i a blast was seen.. is that it?? was that the end of Ulquiorra?? well till nexttime see yas
by aldechoi

Naruto Manga Chapter 441 | Naruto Manga Chapter 441 Review

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we are back this week for our anime review on naruto manga chapter 441 anime review, bringing to you the latest happenings in the top manga here right now, naruto manga chapters, check out below the whole naruto manga chapter 441 review, you can see that this will contain the whole review that we are having on naruo 441 manga chapter. check it out now!

Naruto Manga Chapter 441 "Rasen Shiriken V.S Shinra Tensei"

waaw the cover page, is a cute picture of Hinata, now what can this chapter be, after the Incident with the nine tailed demon fox, Naruto is now back in his sage mode, while pain/Nagato is left in a weakend state, Pains Chibaku Tensei technique has also weakened. As Naruto looked what happened to his village, a memory of Hinata pass through his thoughts. In the other side Hinata was found and rescued by team Gai. Back to Naruto and Pain, Pain challenges Naruto for the Final Battle, Naruto replied that he wants to speak to the real Pain Face to face, but Pain rejected the request and charge in, Naruto had no choice but to fight back. Naruto grabbed pains sword and stabbed himself this way he saw where the real pain was located. Naruto then a cast the Rasen Shuriken and hid it in the smoke. Pain faces it head on. but the shuriken somehow stopped, it was a shadow shuriken, well the battle will now end next week so see ya then
By aldech0i

Rohan Hacks | Rohan Bot Downloads

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Bleach Chapter 350 | Bleach 350 Review

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Greetings guys! here is the Bleach Manga chapter 350 anime review, for the fourth time, this manga still has the same title, again ichigo still fights against the 4th espada. well better read our anime revie to get to know more of the happenings in bleach chapter 350, for now the battle rages, check out techoccult for more developments on the cover! this anime review features again the bleach chapter 350 enjoy!

Bleach Manga chapter 350 " the Lust 4"
sigh still the same title, on the last chapter there was something happening to Ichigo but what can it be? has the hollow inside hime returned? all will be answered now.
Ichigo consciousness was faint but he he is still there, saying he can hear Inoues voice, and thus he wants to protect her. there was a backgroud voice encouraging him to stand up and fight, and he did only now he had a mask on his face but its different from before, now it has horns and ichigos hair suddenly grow, all of them were astonished to see him stand up, even im astonished, who in the world can get up with a hole blasted in you, Ulquiorra then attacks, the masked Ichigo grabs Zangetsu and was ready to fight. Ulquiorra ask who is he but asked who he is, but Ichigo didnt respond, Ulquiorra then attacks, Ichigo suddenly came out behind him with a a very powerful Cero, again coming from behind Ichigo grabs Ulquiorras left arm then cuts it. Inoue questioned is this really Kurosaki Ichigo? well there is still no explanation who that is, better luck next week. see yas
by aldechoi

Naruto Chapter 440 | Naruto 440 Review

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hi guys, here is another crunch for the naruto manga review. this is chapter 440. we will be presenting you guys with the latest of all fads, this time we will feature naruto manga chapter 440. the whole anime review is found below, so just check it out guys! this anime review is made especially for you readers of naruto! enjoy! check out techoccult for more updates!

Naruto manga chapter 440 "A conversation with the Fourth"

How cute a Father and Son bonding moment. the manga sure came in early today, well anyway in the Begining of the chapter we see the Fourths cape.
" the back he'd been chasing all this time turned out to be his dad's..Now Naruto learns the shocking truth." this is the intro found in the manga.
Pain was face to face with the real nine tailed demon fox, giving praise on how strong the creature is, inside narutos mind the nine tailed demon fox is howling like a wild dog intimidating the Fourth to come closer, by this time Naruto learns that he is the Fourths Heir. and the reason why his identity was kept secret, Naruto suddenly had tears coming out of his eyes. but something happened unexpectedly, well to me it was unexpected. Naruto punch the Fourth questioning the purpose on why the Fourth sealed the demon fox inside his own son. the only explanation he gave was beacuse he was his son, and he thought he could use the power of the nine tailed demon fx someday, another secret was revealed, 16 years ago when the demon fox attacked it seems that it was being controlled by a very powerful Ninja, the leader of the akatsuki nope not Pain, pain was just a pawn being used by the mask one, namely Tobi. another touching scene of Father son moment, Naruto was frustrated for he didnt know the the path to real Peace but the Fourth answered that he believe in him, after this the Fourth restored the seal saying it will be the last time, and he is entrusting Naruto to rebuild Konoha then he faded away. the demon fox also disappeared leaving naruto in his sage mode, well its time again to wait for the final battle next week see yas!!!
by aldechoi

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Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince Sneak Peeks Trailers

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Watch the Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince Sneak Peeks Trailers

the much awaited 6th installment for harry potter is coming close. this july 17 2009, the world will stop as Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince takes place, have you seen the latest of it Sneak Peeks and Trailers? well if you havent then you guys are in luck. i will be posting both of the sneak peeks and the trailers for Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince.

as the half blood prince of harry potter comes to screen from the book by rowlings, this time voldemort will be clashing with our magical heroes, in this chapter, they will be able to know who the half blood prince really is, rumors has it that it is snape, nah, i really havent read the book, but for the fans out there, i bet you know! the Harry Potter And The Half Blood trailer will be available below just after the jump.

ill be posting pictures here of the Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince the making, letting you have a glimpse of the set and of some cut part of the movie,
here is yet another great movie for the year 2009, enjoy Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince!

Bleach Chapter 349 | Bleach Chapter 349 Review

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for the bleach anime review, here it is! the bleach chapter 349 again intitled with "lust" but its the third installation for the title, again this will be the battle of the century, just read along for the whole bleach 349 chapter review. we asure of nothing but what you want to hear, for the bleach spoilers, i have place it elserwhere, if you want to visit it, just refer to the previous post, i post a link there for all the spoilers, and all the spoiling needs. anyway, enjoy this weeks bleach chapter 349 review!

Bleach Manga chapter: 349: the Lust 3

As Inoue arrive in the scene where Ichigo and Ulquiorra were having their Duel. She saw how Ulquiorra put a hole on Ichigos body, no one could have survived that attack. Inoue tries to save Ichigo but Ulquiorra blocked her way, Ishida assissted her, but his attack were futile, Ichigo was inside the barrier, but still he was down on ground lifeless, Inoue was now in panic in the sight of Ichigo, then Ishida came flying towards them, Ishidas left hand had been cut off, still with the disavantage Ishida still attacked Ulquiorra, then he was thrown to the ground like ichigo, as Ulquiorra approach Inoue Screamed in desperation, but suddenly something was happening to Ichigo, what could this lead to? what will happen? could this be what i think it is? well cant wait for next week see yas!!!
by aldechoi

Naruto Chapter 439 | Naruto 439 Review

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Naruto Chapter 439  Naruto 439 Review greetings everyone! for this week, here is the naruto chapter 439 anime review. finally, after waiting for our sources to go out, we will be finally featuring you with the summary story of the naruto chapter 439. its been a while since we posted for our spoilers, we moved all the spoilers to one site, if you want to visit it click :, anyway, enjoy our naruto chapter 439 anime review intitled - Chibaku Tensei

Naruto Manga chapter 439 :Chibaku Tensei

The start of the manga shows Pains Forbidden Technique: Chibaku Tensei even though it drains all his energy just to get the Kyuubi. chibaku tensei is like magnet but instead of metal it attracts the soil, land earth etc. like a mini black hole. even the sixed tail Naruto got sucked in it. but he resisted and blast a chakra wave to the ball of earth, for a clear overview of the technique it looks like gaaras technique only a lot bigger. with Naruto inside his Chibaku Tensei Pain had already won. but inside Naruto there was another battle. Naruto was very confused in what to do, he cant save his friend his village and everyone else. and again he was brought to the gate where the nine tailed demon fox have been sealed. trying to seduce Naruto to release him from his seal in exxchange giving him limitless power. without hesitation. naruto released the seal. then a number appeared in Yamatos hands. it was a number 8, symbolizing the tails that has already shown. The Chibaku Tensei was breaking appart, and came out the Beast, and the number in Yamatos hands has now gone up to 9. this time its different from the demon fox cloack, from the bones, now its the real demon, same size same destructive power without its skin/fur. back inside narutos thoughts the demon fox commanded him to remove the seal, just as naruto was about to pull the seal someone grabbed his hand and stopped him. i never thought i see him there wanna try and guess?? hehheeh its narutos one and only father the 4th Hokage, Yodaime, the Flash, Namikaze Minato Appeared! how would naruto react to his fathers appearance? does he even know he is his father, well better luck next time

by aldechoi

Watch Naruto Shippuden Episode 101 Full Online

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we saw how the Naruto Shippuden Episode 100 went through. alot of naruto fans were amazed and delighted. this time im not stopping the service im giving you guys. here is the watch naruto Shippuden Episode 101 that i will be giving off next. this will be full video and you can watch it online. watching Naruto Shippuden Episode 101 can never be this easy. guess what, it is also free.

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Watch Bleach Episode 212 Full Online

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are you eager to watch the latest of the bleach episodes? the next and upcoming episode to air this march 17, 2009 will be the bleach episode 212? if you want to watch and catch the full video for bleach episode 212, then hang on for i will be placing the full video right here so that you guys can just watch it online right here.
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Watch Naruto Shippuden Episode 100 Full Online

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finally the naruto shippuden that we have been eagerly following has reached its 100th episode. if you are looking for a place to watch the full naruto shippuden, then watching it online will be the solution. i will be giving you guys the coverage of the whole naruto shippuden episode 100 right here.
the naruto shipuden that we are all waiting is still coming out this march 12, so prepare for it guys. because right after it gets released i will post it right here for you guys to watch naruto shippuden episode 100. if ever i cant find the video i will just hand you guys with a link to refer you where you could watch it online. but dont worry, i will do my best to give you guys naruto shippuden's episode 100 known as "Inside the Mist", i cant anticipate what battles might come next in this setting. well, anyway, here is an anime review on the naruto manga series if you want to read them. read naruto manga

and ofcourse keep checking this link for the Watch naruto shippuden episode 100.

I have change the link guys! you can now watch the NARUTO SHIPPUDEN EPISODE 100! through this link : watch episode 100 of naruto now!
if ever i havent post the full video right here. thanks!

Looking for Spoilers for Bleach, Naruto and more?

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if you are looking for spoilers for bleach, naruto and more anime mangas, then i have the right place for you. i just found about this site. it is a site about spoilers. spoilers of everything actually. almost many sites like this comes out every often but i think this is another one. this one is user focused.
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Bleach Chapter 348 | Bleach 348 Review

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Bleach Chapter 348 | Bleach 348 Review
for bleach updates, here is the bleach chapter 348 anime review we got for this week. the review below is all about bleach chapter 348 and on the climaxes it has. well no problem, just read along and discuss with us what you think should be criticized in the manga. well anyway, here is bleach chapter 348 review.

Bleach manga chapter 348 " the Lust2"

well the manga has some bonu pages on the top Zanpakuto, and heres the list of winners: the over all champion is Hyorinmaru - Hitsugaya Toshiro, 1st place goes to Sodeno Shirayuki - Kuchiki Rukia, 2nd place Zangetsu - Kurosaki Ichigo, 3rd place Wabisuke - Kira Izuru and last place goes to Senbon Zakura - Kuchiki Byakuya.

and now back to the real manga, agian Ulquiorra transformed giving Ichigo no hope to win, a true despair, meanwhile Ishida and Inoue went off to where Ichigo and Ulquiorra is fighting, as they went up they felt the enormous energy. "Resurreccion Segunda Espada" the name of an Espadas 2nd release form which only Ulquiorra have reached. as he says. with a swift attacj he got ichigo from the side and ichigo went flying to the walls, but he can still fight, he even have enough strength to draw out his mask. as Inoue and Ishida approach the battlefield they saw Ichigo in the Hands of Ulquiorra in the tail to be exact, jsut as Inoue went to approach Ichigo, Ulquiorra blasted a hole in Ichigos body,

is this the death of ichigo? what would happen next for bleach . well better luck next time!

by aldech0i

Naruto Chapter 438 | Naruto 438 review

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Naruto Chapter 438 | Naruto 438 review
For our Naruto Manga Review. here is the chapter 438 naruto review we have for this week. this has been a tough week, we had alot of hectice schedules thats why we werent able to post alot of new updates. but we will try to do so this week. anyway, here is the naruto chapter 438 anime review for you guys!

Naruto manga chapter 438 "Breaking the Seal"

after Hinata was beaten down by pain Naruto unleashed an anger like now other causing him to transform into the demon fox, unlike before now it has si tails, 3 more tails to go then who knows what will happen, anyways when Naruto was now charging towards pain he broke the necklace that the fifth Hokage gave him, Further unleashing Narutos old form, even pains skill the "Shinra Tensei didnt hav an effect on the demon fox, pain thought he could deflect the attack, he was dead wrong. well atleast something good happned! Hinata is alive! now Naruto is ready to charge his Rasengan in a form of a fire breath which further damage konoha!, Sakura summoned everyone to go nack to the base. as the smoke cleared up we see pain injured from the attack. Now what will pain do, and what is the new skil, "Chibaku Tensei:"

well see you next week

For naruto 439 spoilers. click me.

by aldechoi

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One Piece Chapter 535 Spoilers | One Piece 535 Spoilers

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one piece has been a total hit for the manga fans and anime addicts. this manga has alot of audience world wide. because of the demand we here at techoccult will be featuring one piece chapter 535. if you are looking for one piece spoilers, then this is the right place.

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Spoilers Blitz - Spoilers of everything

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