Boomz Facebook Tips Cheats and Aimbot

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A lot of people are actually looking for some of the Boomz Facebook Tips Cheats and Aimbot, Well this is going to be interesting because let me help you guys with the basics. There are easy measurements that you can follow when playing boomz. This is going to be a little bit complicated but its going to be accurate. Boomz in facebook is a similar game with the phenomenal Gunbound. Check out the basic guide through the video to see what you need to enhance in playing Boomz in Facebook.

Some of the things you need to take observation are your angle, Distance and the wind. Thats all that is you need.

Download the Cheat Engine for Boomz now. AS of now we are still looking for availability of the Boomz Facebook Aimbot. Stay tune for updates as we add what you need here.

Starcraft 2 Released and ready for Online Play

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A lot of gamers were excited over the new release for starcraft 2. This is an interesting and yet sad. Population of players for this game will be limited because its not going to be a free to play, but similar to WoW. Starcraft fans were awed with the great changes in the series Franchise, with all the new units and a rumored new race. Check out a game play video right below featuring Starcraft 2 at its finest.

You can enjoy Starcraft 2 by getting a Starcraft 2 CD Key. You won't find it anywhere else.

Lexine Corner as A News Site

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we are proud to announce that starting now, Lexine Corner will now become a news site and publication. Be ready for a whole new access to news and coverage World Wide. We will be down for a couple of days.

K-ON! Opening Song Release Date!

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Here we are folks to bring you news about K-ON! New opening Song for season two and it's CD release date.

The season 2 started last April 6 tuesday on TBS. And it was announced that on their official japanese website the date release of their opening song entitled GO! GO! MANIAC

The release date would be on April 28,2010 and will sell for ¥ 1,260 (tax included).
Here's a sample picture of the album.

Check right here for the download of this album. I'll update about this.

Here is the track list of the album:

2.Genius ...!?
3.GO! GO! MANIAC (Instrumental)
4.Genius ...!? (Instrumental)

I'll keep on updating about this...

Drum Cover Review Series: Cobus Potgieter's Careful

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Yes, Here I am giving you a review about Cobus Potgieter's drum cover of Careful by Paramore. As you can see I am a great fan of paramore and I can say that this is one of his greatest covers aside from His drum cover of Born for this. He posted this last April 4, 2010 and Now has almost 50,000 views. Him being sponsored by TRX cymbals, Udrum, Jobeky Electronic drums, Samson, Audioshure, and Music Connection you can say that her's a great drummer by having a lot of Sponsors.

He's been a youtube sensation eversince his covers of the past years. And I can see that his style is improving, his control over the drums is great. Me as a musician can really tell that he's very compassionate about his music. 

Now Onto the Review...

I have three categories for my drum cover review: (1)  Style (2) Comparison with the original drums and (3) Overall and final sayings.


Cobus is very versatile so he can go into what genre in music. He can play pop, rock, heavy metal, double bass, and as you can see he's good. Though his double bass needs to improve more. In his cover of Careful, I can see that he uses double bass which annoys me a bit. And his double stroke is more comfortable to hear. I know that he is having fun with the song but for the double bass thing, I kinda get a bit annoyed. I liked the fills though. I know that he is comfortable with it and having fun. In his cover I can feel different influences of his drumming which I think is good because it is a good sign that he's improving. 


Zac Farro, the drummer of Paramore uses crazy fills that makes you think that he's very fast. That's why I was having a hard time too on practicing drums on the new songs of Paramore in Brand New Eyes. Cobus did a really good job on doing his own fills. And as what cobus said, He enjoys on playing songs that he can really jam with and I agree. He has a wide range of which path he would be but He's mixing everything. That's what is unique about him.


Cobus is one of the best drummers that I have seen or heard ever in my life. He's One of the people that would be famous because of his style and groove. so I give Kudos to him!

Also if you want to view his drum cover, I'l give you the link to his Drum cover of Paramore's Careful

Or you can watch it here.:


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There has been slight changes in the airtime of Japan's anime called K-ON! 

So here I am giving you the complete information of the changes. This change is on the area of japan only.

The source is from the official japanese website of K-ON! and I used google translation to get the english version of the channels and when it will be aired. If you want to look at it just follow this Link. :

TV STATION                                                               AIRTIME

TBS                                 April 06 (Tuesday) will be broadcast from 29 minutes one night!

HBC                                 April 20 (Tuesday) will be broadcast from 56 minutes one night!

ATV                                 April 18 (Sunday) will be broadcast from 10:50 to 00:00!

IBC                                   April 20 (Tuesday) will be broadcast from 12:45 midnight!

TBC                                  April 22 (Thu) at 1:30 will be broadcast from midnight!

TUY                                  April 20 (Tuesday) will be broadcast from 10:50 to 00:00!

TUF                                  April 24 (Saturday) will be broadcast from 48 minutes at 2 am!

UTY                                  April 22 (Thursday) will be broadcast from 55 minutes to 1 am!

BSN                                   April 20 (Tuesday) night will be aired from 1:45?

TUT                                  April 22 (Thursday) will be broadcast from 35 minutes one                                                                   night!

MRO                                 April 19 (Monday) will be broadcast from 25 minutes one night!

SBC                                   April 24 (Saturday) night will be aired from 1:45?

SBS                                   April 20 (Tuesday) at 1:20 will be broadcast from midnight!

CBC                                   April 22 (Thursday) night will be aired from 2:30?

MBS                                  April 10 (Saturday) will be broadcast from 28 minutes at 2 am!

RCC                                   April 23 (Friday) will be broadcast from 55 minutes to 2 am!

BSS                                    April 19 (Monday) will be broadcast from 25 minutes one night!

TYS                                   April 22 (Thursday) night will be broadcast from 17:01 minutes!

RSK                                   April 19 (Monday) at 1:50 will be broadcast from midnight!

KUTV                               April 21 (Wednesday) will be broadcast from 31 minutes at 2 am!

ITV                                   April 22 (Thursday) at 1:20 will be broadcast from midnight!

RKB                                  April 24 (Saturday) at 2:45 will be broadcast from midnight!

NBC                                  April 19 (Monday) will be broadcast from 10:50 to 00:00!

RKK                                 April 18 (Sunday) at 1:50 will be broadcast from midnight!

OBS                                 April 22 (Thursday) at 1:20 will be broadcast from midnight!

MRT                               April 24 (Saturday) night will be broadcast from 9:02 minutes!

MBC     (Local radios)  April 21 (Wednesday) night will be aired from 1:10?

RBC                                April 23 (Friday) will be broadcast from 35 minutes at 2 am!

So happy reading the schedule and the TV premiere of K-ON! would be on April 6 and that would be 3 days from now on!

Lady Gaga Telephone Review

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Yep, I'm back here to bring you a Review of Lady Gaga's Telephone.  A lot of people are saying mixed comments. But here I am giving you a review based from what I understood.


We all know that Gaga has tremendous ideas of metaphors and symbolism. We all know that In the music video of Paparazzi, Gaga ends up in jail. She killed her boyfriend because he was so disturbing her and thus poisoned him. Now Beyonce is the one asking for help because her boyfriend was disturbing her. And she poisoned him with the help of Gaga in the Kitchen. Then the whole people eating at the fastfood chain were dead. There is only one thing that is certain and that is  DEATH. There were a lot of deaths in the video. First was the boyfriend of Beyonce. It's expected because he was always calling her on the telephone and wants to shut him up forever. The next death was the people in the Fast Food Chain. It represents that the food in fastfood chains are not healthy for us and it's the most basic knowledge about it. We never know what they put inside the ingredients so that represents a warning for us. I guess on the first scene it was cleared that she is not a hermaphrodite. There were a lot of Endorsements in the video that most likely makes it like a commercial but that's what pop culture is so I'm not surprised about it. Also there was a Quentin Tarantino theme in the mini-movie/musicvideo just like the "Pussy Wagon"


The meaning of telephone was clearly direct to the song. People starts to get annoyed when someone is disturbing them emotionally, mentally, physically. We all have limitations on what we feel and do. That's what make the video to some people weird because it's in a artful way that she portrayed it that some people won't realize it not until people will Tell them what it is about. In the music video Beyonce was really annoyed by her boyfriend and it triggers her to be on her limit and that is asking help from someone who can shut him up. A lot of people were shocked on the result of the video.


Well I admit that most of the scenes had the sexy clothes and censored  things, a lot of endorsements, revenge, poison, death etc. But that's what makes this video interesting. It's just a simple 9 minute mini-movie but Recently the video has recently have Almost 12 Million views in just 3 days and almost have 62,000 comments. Both good and Bad. So what can you say about it?

This video may be giving a great impact both on the Pop music and maybe those products might have an increase of products bought.

K-ON! update: The Official Release of the OP and ED songs for the NEW SEASON

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Yes! it was announced on the official website of K-ON! that the release of the Two new songs for the new season is going to be on April 28, 2010.

Also the new Season starts on April 16, 2010 (Friday) at 10:30 and will be broadcasting Weekly every Friday after the Premiere. 

To give a bit of information of K-ON! to refresh our mind....

"K-On! (けいおん! Keion!?) is a Japanese four-panel comic strip manga written and illustrated by Kakifly. The manga started serialization in Houbunsha's seinen manga magazine Manga Time Kirara since the May 2007 issue, and also started a bimonthly serialization in Houbunsha's magazine Manga Time Kirara Carat since the October 2008 issue. "

so for more information, Pls. visit the official website...

K-ON! website

Provincial Oathtaking Schedule November 2009 NLE Passers

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Really been happy passing the board exam, now to share to everyone regarding when the Oath taking would be, guys the details are all found below. There are the Schedules for the PRovincial Oathtaking for those who passed the november 2009. Its time to enjoy guys because we are on the rocks, Just check out by schedule by clicking in through :)

Areas Identified

BoN Assigned

Date Specified/Requested

1. Baguio

Hon. A. Rosales


2. Ilocos

Hon. L. Faire


3. La Union

Hon. L. Faire


4. Tuguegarao

Hon. A. Rosales


5. Legaspi

Hon. B. Merritt


6. Davao

Hon. M. Sto Tomas


7. Zamboanga

Hon. Y. Arugay

8. Bohol

Hon. B. Merritt



Hon. C. Abaquin


10. Bacolod

Hon. M. Sto Tomas


11. Cebu

Hon. P. Po

12. Lucena

Hon. B. Merritt


13. Iloilo

Hon. M. Sto Tomas


14. Roxas

Hon. Y. Arugay

15. CDO

Hon. Y. Arugay

16. Pagadian

Hon. L. Faire

17. Tacloban

Hon. A. Rosales

18. Gen Santos

Hon. M. Sto Tomas


19. Siliman

Hon. P. Po

Mayoi Neko Overrun! A new anime for this spring

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Yep you heard it right... There's a new anime coming this spring of 2010 which is called Mayoi Neko Overrun. From a light novel is now making in production for this Anime. Which will be starting in about April 2010.

So to tell you about more information, I'll give you the summary of the light novel:

The story revolves around Takumi Tsuzuki, a boy who lives with his older "sister" Otome, although the two have no blood ties between them. Otome manages a run-down confectionery store called Stray Cats. One day, Otome picks up a mysterious beautiful girl off the streets.

And to fill you more with information about the Characters, the producers released a video introducing the Main cast of Mayoi Neko Overrun...

Also you can visit their website

Syosaku Escape | Syosaku Escape Walkthrough

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Syosaku Escape | Syosaku Escape Walkthroughpresenting to you guys a brand new escape game to play on, starting right on, here in techoccult, we will be giving off the latest on the escape games spree. First off would be an escape game entitled Syosaku Escape . For those who are looking for the walkthrough on this Syosaku Escape game, well i might be able to help you guys out, just check out the overview of the game first then check on the Syosaku Escape Walkthrough

Syosaku Escape Walkthrough - this is another click and point escape game from a japanese producer, just solve all the puzzles and go through with the clues to escape this room. I will be providing you guys with the video on the Syosaku Escape Walkthrough right below, with the link to play the game, enjoy this Syosaku Escape game!

KOS ONLINE | Kill on site Hacks Cheats

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KOS ONLINEl Kill on site! Levelupgames has released yet another really awesome game to play, we all know that everyone in the gaming population knows how to play the old school counterstrike, but this time we will be having it on another level. Its going ONLINE, we have heard of SF (special force) and most of the genre, but this one is going to be totally different, it runs in the valve servers, same as the of halflife and all its similar patch. This time we will be into KOS or also knows as kill on site. I bet everyone has been looking for the Hacks and Cheats for this Kill on site game. because its still in close beta testing. well for those who want to try out some of the cheats on this game, try the hack for kill on site. see below for a video sample on what KOS is! enjoy the gameplay!I will be updating this post for the latest updates regarding KOS online, so do check it out once in a while, especially the hacks and the cheats, here is a vidoe gameplay from KOS online, cheers!

ROHAN PH Giant Bot Fix Update

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ROHAN PH Giant Bot Fix Update So far, we are still left with out a bot from the levelupgames MMORPG, rohan. A lot of users are still waiting for the bot fix to come out, they cannot hack into the latest game guard from rohan PH, so they have to reconfigure, were they able to find a solution? for now, there is still no solution as to this, ROHAN PH Giant Bot is still unavailable. dont worry, i will try my best to post right here any updates from the bot website, if they are up on the bot release update on this ROHAN PH Giant Bot Fix, i will share it to you guys right away, for now we are left with nothing. but manual leveling. Anyway, hope you guys had a fun holiday. Its going to be a blast, keep check out for the latest ROHAN PH Giant Bot Fix Update. Right here on techoccult. Updates on this issue regarding ROHAN PH Giant Bot Fix, is going to be posted later on.