Boys Like Girls Got LOVE DRUNK

Posted by Cesar Valiente On Saturday, August 22, 2009 0 comments

So I posted first about the single Love Drunk... Now I didn't notice that the New Music Video was already OUT! To be specific Aug. 3, 2009 on MTV.


So the video starts out like Ashley Tisdale was in an arcade and evry guy in the arcade fell for her... As the story of the video goes, The band starts playing and boy, the guys look handsome alright! Continuing to the story of the music video, most of the guys fell for her and tries to prove that he is worthy but in the end, the girl has an another 'guy' who picked her up at the arcade and left the guys heartbroken...

It was a good example of being Love Drunk. The guys were intoxicated of the beauty of the girl and fell inlove but they got 'hangover' when they knew the girl has a special someone... tsk.. how cruel love is...

So that's all folks! I will be updating soon when the album comes out!