PSPGO psp4000 Hacked Custom Firmware Update

Posted by Cesar Valiente On Friday, October 30, 2009 0 comments

PSPGO Hacked Custom Firmware update The amazing PSPGo has finally reached the market, released just this month in some states in the USA, and slowly being exported from all major techy countries, You might be asking whether this PSPGO has updated to the hacked custom firmware that almost all psp's are into, well lets check out if this PSPGO hacked custom firmware is really suitable, Built for travel and sleek. This PSPGO has a 16gig flash memory and is totally 48% lighter than the PSP3000, well there is only one way to find out , watch this review video about this PSPGO Hacked Custom Firmware Update. Its going to show a few details as to what kind of revolution this psp4000 trully is.Comparing the psp3000 with the psp4000

his didn;t take long now did it? FreePlay has found a working Save data exploit on the PSP Go. What it allowed FreePlay to do was execute a “hello world” type text file and also dumb his PSP Go memory and flash0 files to a Memory Stick. Pretty impressive find only after the system has been out for 2 days.

Its a user kernel exploit and at this stage were unsure if it will lead to anything substantial.

more from this PSPGO Hacked Custom Firmware Update after a few updates, check back here on techoccult for the latest gadget drop and release, Check out this video guys on PSPGO Hacked Custom Firmware Update.