Boomz Facebook Tips Cheats and Aimbot

Posted by Cesar Valiente On Wednesday, July 28, 2010 0 comments

A lot of people are actually looking for some of the Boomz Facebook Tips Cheats and Aimbot, Well this is going to be interesting because let me help you guys with the basics. There are easy measurements that you can follow when playing boomz. This is going to be a little bit complicated but its going to be accurate. Boomz in facebook is a similar game with the phenomenal Gunbound. Check out the basic guide through the video to see what you need to enhance in playing Boomz in Facebook.

Some of the things you need to take observation are your angle, Distance and the wind. Thats all that is you need.

Download the Cheat Engine for Boomz now. AS of now we are still looking for availability of the Boomz Facebook Aimbot. Stay tune for updates as we add what you need here.