Jam Legend, The New Guitar Hero

Posted by Cesar Valiente On Monday, June 8, 2009 0 comments

Anyone who is addicted to Guitar Hero and Rock Band? Well I do... I recommend this site to those who wanted to play this for free... All you need is your PC, internet, headphones/speakers and your keyboard. If you have them all then you're ready to rock on Jam Legend. It is a website that you can play all day and all night. You can play it all for FREE! Plus, if you don't want to use your keyboard, you can use your guitar hero/rock band controller.

What's Best About It:

1. Jam Legend is that you will discover different kinds of genre, language, culture in music.
2. Make friends all over the world via Jam Legend- Since it is online gaming and internet is every where, we can make friends globally.
3. There are 4 types of difficulty:
>Normal- it's the easiest... This level is recommended for who is new on playing rhythm games and for those who did not play Guitar Hero/Rock Band yet.
>Skilled- this level is for the rookies. Mostly it's like the rhythm of the song.
>Insane- If you like a challenge on your skills in eye coordination, this is recommended.
>Legendary-This level is really for the the people who are really really good in guitar hero/rock band.
4. Different kinds of battles happen-Know what I mean, it's not like you would get bored repeating the same game all the time.
5. More than 200 songs are now available in Jam Legend!

Check out their website: http://www.jamlegend.com

Since this site is still developing, we can expect for the later years for this site to be famous... SOON... More than Guitar Hero nor Rock Band. Check out their trailer: