Bleach Chapter 358 Manga Review

Posted by Cesar Valiente On Saturday, May 23, 2009 0 comments

Here is another anime review that i am making and its all about the bleach manga chapter 358. You can see the full summary and the highlights of the manga chapter just right below. Just check it out now. You can read the bleach manga chapter just by clicking the links. Cheers!

Bleach Manga chapter 358 "King of Clouds"

the chapter starts with Toushirou being beaten down by the female arancar. each exchange fierce attacks, Back to Soi Fon battle, her chances of winning has very slim. but she wont be defeated just like that, she ask Omeada to become a decoy and keep the enemy preoccupied. arancars chasing down shinigamis. their now in a real pinch. Toushirou came to a stop saying that its now time for the next step for this battle to end, he also says that there is a certain technique he hasnt tried when he is in Bankai mode. "all of heaven is under my command". such big words. well better luck nex time

by aldech0i