ROHAN PH Giant Bot Fix Update

Posted by Cesar Valiente On Friday, January 1, 2010 0 comments

ROHAN PH Giant Bot Fix Update So far, we are still left with out a bot from the levelupgames MMORPG, rohan. A lot of users are still waiting for the bot fix to come out, they cannot hack into the latest game guard from rohan PH, so they have to reconfigure, were they able to find a solution? for now, there is still no solution as to this, ROHAN PH Giant Bot is still unavailable. dont worry, i will try my best to post right here any updates from the bot website, if they are up on the bot release update on this ROHAN PH Giant Bot Fix, i will share it to you guys right away, for now we are left with nothing. but manual leveling. Anyway, hope you guys had a fun holiday. Its going to be a blast, keep check out for the latest ROHAN PH Giant Bot Fix Update. Right here on techoccult. Updates on this issue regarding ROHAN PH Giant Bot Fix, is going to be posted later on.