Syosaku Escape | Syosaku Escape Walkthrough

Posted by Cesar Valiente On Wednesday, January 6, 2010 0 comments

Syosaku Escape | Syosaku Escape Walkthroughpresenting to you guys a brand new escape game to play on, starting right on, here in techoccult, we will be giving off the latest on the escape games spree. First off would be an escape game entitled Syosaku Escape . For those who are looking for the walkthrough on this Syosaku Escape game, well i might be able to help you guys out, just check out the overview of the game first then check on the Syosaku Escape Walkthrough

Syosaku Escape Walkthrough - this is another click and point escape game from a japanese producer, just solve all the puzzles and go through with the clues to escape this room. I will be providing you guys with the video on the Syosaku Escape Walkthrough right below, with the link to play the game, enjoy this Syosaku Escape game!