Drum Cover Review Series: Cobus Potgieter's Careful

Posted by Cesar Valiente On Monday, April 5, 2010 0 comments

Yes, Here I am giving you a review about Cobus Potgieter's drum cover of Careful by Paramore. As you can see I am a great fan of paramore and I can say that this is one of his greatest covers aside from His drum cover of Born for this. He posted this last April 4, 2010 and Now has almost 50,000 views. Him being sponsored by TRX cymbals, Udrum, Jobeky Electronic drums, Samson, Audioshure, and Music Connection you can say that her's a great drummer by having a lot of Sponsors.

He's been a youtube sensation eversince his covers of the past years. And I can see that his style is improving, his control over the drums is great. Me as a musician can really tell that he's very compassionate about his music. 

Now Onto the Review...

I have three categories for my drum cover review: (1)  Style (2) Comparison with the original drums and (3) Overall and final sayings.


Cobus is very versatile so he can go into what genre in music. He can play pop, rock, heavy metal, double bass, and as you can see he's good. Though his double bass needs to improve more. In his cover of Careful, I can see that he uses double bass which annoys me a bit. And his double stroke is more comfortable to hear. I know that he is having fun with the song but for the double bass thing, I kinda get a bit annoyed. I liked the fills though. I know that he is comfortable with it and having fun. In his cover I can feel different influences of his drumming which I think is good because it is a good sign that he's improving. 


Zac Farro, the drummer of Paramore uses crazy fills that makes you think that he's very fast. That's why I was having a hard time too on practicing drums on the new songs of Paramore in Brand New Eyes. Cobus did a really good job on doing his own fills. And as what cobus said, He enjoys on playing songs that he can really jam with and I agree. He has a wide range of which path he would be but He's mixing everything. That's what is unique about him.


Cobus is one of the best drummers that I have seen or heard ever in my life. He's One of the people that would be famous because of his style and groove. so I give Kudos to him!

Also if you want to view his drum cover, I'l give you the link to his Drum cover of Paramore's Careful

Or you can watch it here.: