K-ON! Opening Song Release Date!

Posted by Cesar Valiente On Friday, April 9, 2010 0 comments

Here we are folks to bring you news about K-ON! New opening Song for season two and it's CD release date.

The season 2 started last April 6 tuesday on TBS. And it was announced that on their official japanese website the date release of their opening song entitled GO! GO! MANIAC

The release date would be on April 28,2010 and will sell for ¥ 1,260 (tax included).
Here's a sample picture of the album.

Check right here for the download of this album. I'll update about this.

Here is the track list of the album:

2.Genius ...!?
3.GO! GO! MANIAC (Instrumental)
4.Genius ...!? (Instrumental)

I'll keep on updating about this...