Ga Rei Chapter 36 Manga Review

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Ga Rei Chapter 36  Manga Review
Here is another anime that we will be featuring here on techoccult. Is Ga Rei, check out below for more details on this Ga Rei Chapter 36 Manga Review!
Finally the new season of Ga Rei is here!! now for a brief summary Kagura has now waken up from a coma, yey!! but the only thing is she has amnesia and the great Byakuei has been reduce to a very cute and adorable puppy. there is also the re appearance of Yomi my idol.. a mysterious transfer student with a splitting image of Yomi, they befriended her and together they form a ghost hunting team with one extra guy.

and now lets begin with the chapter 36

the chapter started in the city a monster appeared a black demon dog, then it shifted to the school where Kagura and ken-chan are, its still a normal morning and theyre preparing for their school festival. when they preparing for the school festival the black demon dog appeared right in front of them, right before Ken chan was about to be devoured Kagura appeared to rescue them! the real form of Byakuei was now released!! still cute though hehe the fight is on whit black and white, yin and yang! just when the battle was about to get intense the black demon disappeared and Byakuei turned back to his cute chibi form. the mysterious girl who helped them has now introduce herself as a former excorcist of the ministy of environmental supernatural disaster countermeasure department her name was Takiguchi Tsuina, then gaves them the proposition that the countermeasure department is to be re establish would they like to join! well dats it for dis chapter till next time!!

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