To Love Ru Manga Chapter 148 Review

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To Love Ru Manga Chapter 148 Review
HERE is a review on To love Ru Manga Chapter 148 review. check this one out. hope you guys enjoy this one.

to love ru manga chapter 148 "silent island"

Wheew summer are really hot, and since were talking about summer were in luck for today to love rus featured chapter is about the beach,

one summer day we foung the rito and the others in Saki Tenjouin Villa, this is a payment for helping her when she ran away from home then here comes Run giving Saki ideas on how to humiliate Lala. then its a little scene in the bathroom, the girls talking on how to make their breast bigger, hmmm do girls talk about this things all the time??? >_<>_< typical in all of the compotion a gunfire was heared and Sakis buttler was shot in the end of the chapter a black cat appeared.... could this be??? heheheh well better luck next time

by aldedch0i