Naruto Chapter 448 Manga Review

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Here is our Naruto Manga Chapter 448. You can read it now, and see the review we made on the chapter. thanks for all the support and we are hoping that you will be seeing or reading the naruto chapter 448. Cheers

Naruto Manga chapter 448 "memento"

now that Pains story is finish, what could be the reply on both sides. Naruto decided not to kill Pain, for he still believes in Jiraiyas teaching. they both talked about the contents of Jiraiyas first book which words came from Nagato/Pain himself when he was young. and in the end it was a twist of fate, Nagato believe in what Naruto said about finding peace, for he sees himself in Naruto when he was young, but what could he be planning?? well see you next time.

by aldech0i