Bleach Chapter 349 | Bleach Chapter 349 Review

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for the bleach anime review, here it is! the bleach chapter 349 again intitled with "lust" but its the third installation for the title, again this will be the battle of the century, just read along for the whole bleach 349 chapter review. we asure of nothing but what you want to hear, for the bleach spoilers, i have place it elserwhere, if you want to visit it, just refer to the previous post, i post a link there for all the spoilers, and all the spoiling needs. anyway, enjoy this weeks bleach chapter 349 review!

Bleach Manga chapter: 349: the Lust 3

As Inoue arrive in the scene where Ichigo and Ulquiorra were having their Duel. She saw how Ulquiorra put a hole on Ichigos body, no one could have survived that attack. Inoue tries to save Ichigo but Ulquiorra blocked her way, Ishida assissted her, but his attack were futile, Ichigo was inside the barrier, but still he was down on ground lifeless, Inoue was now in panic in the sight of Ichigo, then Ishida came flying towards them, Ishidas left hand had been cut off, still with the disavantage Ishida still attacked Ulquiorra, then he was thrown to the ground like ichigo, as Ulquiorra approach Inoue Screamed in desperation, but suddenly something was happening to Ichigo, what could this lead to? what will happen? could this be what i think it is? well cant wait for next week see yas!!!
by aldechoi