Naruto Chapter 439 | Naruto 439 Review

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Naruto Chapter 439  Naruto 439 Review greetings everyone! for this week, here is the naruto chapter 439 anime review. finally, after waiting for our sources to go out, we will be finally featuring you with the summary story of the naruto chapter 439. its been a while since we posted for our spoilers, we moved all the spoilers to one site, if you want to visit it click :, anyway, enjoy our naruto chapter 439 anime review intitled - Chibaku Tensei

Naruto Manga chapter 439 :Chibaku Tensei

The start of the manga shows Pains Forbidden Technique: Chibaku Tensei even though it drains all his energy just to get the Kyuubi. chibaku tensei is like magnet but instead of metal it attracts the soil, land earth etc. like a mini black hole. even the sixed tail Naruto got sucked in it. but he resisted and blast a chakra wave to the ball of earth, for a clear overview of the technique it looks like gaaras technique only a lot bigger. with Naruto inside his Chibaku Tensei Pain had already won. but inside Naruto there was another battle. Naruto was very confused in what to do, he cant save his friend his village and everyone else. and again he was brought to the gate where the nine tailed demon fox have been sealed. trying to seduce Naruto to release him from his seal in exxchange giving him limitless power. without hesitation. naruto released the seal. then a number appeared in Yamatos hands. it was a number 8, symbolizing the tails that has already shown. The Chibaku Tensei was breaking appart, and came out the Beast, and the number in Yamatos hands has now gone up to 9. this time its different from the demon fox cloack, from the bones, now its the real demon, same size same destructive power without its skin/fur. back inside narutos thoughts the demon fox commanded him to remove the seal, just as naruto was about to pull the seal someone grabbed his hand and stopped him. i never thought i see him there wanna try and guess?? hehheeh its narutos one and only father the 4th Hokage, Yodaime, the Flash, Namikaze Minato Appeared! how would naruto react to his fathers appearance? does he even know he is his father, well better luck next time

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