Naruto Manga Chapter 441 | Naruto Manga Chapter 441 Review

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we are back this week for our anime review on naruto manga chapter 441 anime review, bringing to you the latest happenings in the top manga here right now, naruto manga chapters, check out below the whole naruto manga chapter 441 review, you can see that this will contain the whole review that we are having on naruo 441 manga chapter. check it out now!

Naruto Manga Chapter 441 "Rasen Shiriken V.S Shinra Tensei"

waaw the cover page, is a cute picture of Hinata, now what can this chapter be, after the Incident with the nine tailed demon fox, Naruto is now back in his sage mode, while pain/Nagato is left in a weakend state, Pains Chibaku Tensei technique has also weakened. As Naruto looked what happened to his village, a memory of Hinata pass through his thoughts. In the other side Hinata was found and rescued by team Gai. Back to Naruto and Pain, Pain challenges Naruto for the Final Battle, Naruto replied that he wants to speak to the real Pain Face to face, but Pain rejected the request and charge in, Naruto had no choice but to fight back. Naruto grabbed pains sword and stabbed himself this way he saw where the real pain was located. Naruto then a cast the Rasen Shuriken and hid it in the smoke. Pain faces it head on. but the shuriken somehow stopped, it was a shadow shuriken, well the battle will now end next week so see ya then
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