Bleach Chapter 348 | Bleach 348 Review

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Bleach Chapter 348 | Bleach 348 Review
for bleach updates, here is the bleach chapter 348 anime review we got for this week. the review below is all about bleach chapter 348 and on the climaxes it has. well no problem, just read along and discuss with us what you think should be criticized in the manga. well anyway, here is bleach chapter 348 review.

Bleach manga chapter 348 " the Lust2"

well the manga has some bonu pages on the top Zanpakuto, and heres the list of winners: the over all champion is Hyorinmaru - Hitsugaya Toshiro, 1st place goes to Sodeno Shirayuki - Kuchiki Rukia, 2nd place Zangetsu - Kurosaki Ichigo, 3rd place Wabisuke - Kira Izuru and last place goes to Senbon Zakura - Kuchiki Byakuya.

and now back to the real manga, agian Ulquiorra transformed giving Ichigo no hope to win, a true despair, meanwhile Ishida and Inoue went off to where Ichigo and Ulquiorra is fighting, as they went up they felt the enormous energy. "Resurreccion Segunda Espada" the name of an Espadas 2nd release form which only Ulquiorra have reached. as he says. with a swift attacj he got ichigo from the side and ichigo went flying to the walls, but he can still fight, he even have enough strength to draw out his mask. as Inoue and Ishida approach the battlefield they saw Ichigo in the Hands of Ulquiorra in the tail to be exact, jsut as Inoue went to approach Ichigo, Ulquiorra blasted a hole in Ichigos body,

is this the death of ichigo? what would happen next for bleach . well better luck next time!

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