Naruto Chapter 438 | Naruto 438 review

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Naruto Chapter 438 | Naruto 438 review
For our Naruto Manga Review. here is the chapter 438 naruto review we have for this week. this has been a tough week, we had alot of hectice schedules thats why we werent able to post alot of new updates. but we will try to do so this week. anyway, here is the naruto chapter 438 anime review for you guys!

Naruto manga chapter 438 "Breaking the Seal"

after Hinata was beaten down by pain Naruto unleashed an anger like now other causing him to transform into the demon fox, unlike before now it has si tails, 3 more tails to go then who knows what will happen, anyways when Naruto was now charging towards pain he broke the necklace that the fifth Hokage gave him, Further unleashing Narutos old form, even pains skill the "Shinra Tensei didnt hav an effect on the demon fox, pain thought he could deflect the attack, he was dead wrong. well atleast something good happned! Hinata is alive! now Naruto is ready to charge his Rasengan in a form of a fire breath which further damage konoha!, Sakura summoned everyone to go nack to the base. as the smoke cleared up we see pain injured from the attack. Now what will pain do, and what is the new skil, "Chibaku Tensei:"

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