Naruto Chapter 440 | Naruto 440 Review

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hi guys, here is another crunch for the naruto manga review. this is chapter 440. we will be presenting you guys with the latest of all fads, this time we will feature naruto manga chapter 440. the whole anime review is found below, so just check it out guys! this anime review is made especially for you readers of naruto! enjoy! check out techoccult for more updates!

Naruto manga chapter 440 "A conversation with the Fourth"

How cute a Father and Son bonding moment. the manga sure came in early today, well anyway in the Begining of the chapter we see the Fourths cape.
" the back he'd been chasing all this time turned out to be his dad's..Now Naruto learns the shocking truth." this is the intro found in the manga.
Pain was face to face with the real nine tailed demon fox, giving praise on how strong the creature is, inside narutos mind the nine tailed demon fox is howling like a wild dog intimidating the Fourth to come closer, by this time Naruto learns that he is the Fourths Heir. and the reason why his identity was kept secret, Naruto suddenly had tears coming out of his eyes. but something happened unexpectedly, well to me it was unexpected. Naruto punch the Fourth questioning the purpose on why the Fourth sealed the demon fox inside his own son. the only explanation he gave was beacuse he was his son, and he thought he could use the power of the nine tailed demon fx someday, another secret was revealed, 16 years ago when the demon fox attacked it seems that it was being controlled by a very powerful Ninja, the leader of the akatsuki nope not Pain, pain was just a pawn being used by the mask one, namely Tobi. another touching scene of Father son moment, Naruto was frustrated for he didnt know the the path to real Peace but the Fourth answered that he believe in him, after this the Fourth restored the seal saying it will be the last time, and he is entrusting Naruto to rebuild Konoha then he faded away. the demon fox also disappeared leaving naruto in his sage mode, well its time again to wait for the final battle next week see yas!!!
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