Bleach Manga Chapter 351 | Bleach Manga Chapter 351 Review

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and now on what you guys have been waiting for here is the bleach chapter 351 anime review, bleach manga chapter 351 is one of the most hit manga series right now, i bet you guys have read it right now, for those who havent here is our bleach manga chapter 351 review again with the same title, read along below for the manga chapter 351 on bleach!

Bleach Manga chapter 351 "the Lust 5"

A groteque change had come over Ichigo when he was revived, which side will he be on the Shinigami o the Hollow,
a dark figure appear after ichigo cutted off Ulquiorras left arm, But it was easily regenerated , Ulquiorra saying "His greatest power isn't offense it was his Regeneration"Ulquiorra then Summon a spell "Lanza Del Relampago" well the only thing i know is that it looks like a Lance, Ulquiorra warned Ichigo to stay where he is for he doesnt want to throw the thing if theye were too close, then He summoned another one but before completing it Ichigo was on his side, He aimed the lance at Ichigo but Ichigo stopped it with just one hand, and the other hand slashed Ulquiorra in half, as he stayed lying he still cant believe that he was deafeated by a "Human Turn Hollow" but still the Hollow Ichigo wasnt finished He stepped on Ulquiorras face and summoned a Cero directly above Ulquiorras head. after that i a blast was seen.. is that it?? was that the end of Ulquiorra?? well till nexttime see yas
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