Bleach Chapter 350 | Bleach 350 Review

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Greetings guys! here is the Bleach Manga chapter 350 anime review, for the fourth time, this manga still has the same title, again ichigo still fights against the 4th espada. well better read our anime revie to get to know more of the happenings in bleach chapter 350, for now the battle rages, check out techoccult for more developments on the cover! this anime review features again the bleach chapter 350 enjoy!

Bleach Manga chapter 350 " the Lust 4"
sigh still the same title, on the last chapter there was something happening to Ichigo but what can it be? has the hollow inside hime returned? all will be answered now.
Ichigo consciousness was faint but he he is still there, saying he can hear Inoues voice, and thus he wants to protect her. there was a backgroud voice encouraging him to stand up and fight, and he did only now he had a mask on his face but its different from before, now it has horns and ichigos hair suddenly grow, all of them were astonished to see him stand up, even im astonished, who in the world can get up with a hole blasted in you, Ulquiorra then attacks, the masked Ichigo grabs Zangetsu and was ready to fight. Ulquiorra ask who is he but asked who he is, but Ichigo didnt respond, Ulquiorra then attacks, Ichigo suddenly came out behind him with a a very powerful Cero, again coming from behind Ichigo grabs Ulquiorras left arm then cuts it. Inoue questioned is this really Kurosaki Ichigo? well there is still no explanation who that is, better luck next week. see yas
by aldechoi