Bleach Manga Chapter 352 | Bleach Manga 352 Review

Posted by Cesar Valiente On Friday, April 3, 2009 0 comments

WE are back with the 6th lust on the manga, A lot has happen guys, and we are really eager for the next batches to come, If you guys havent read the manga 352, then here is a short summary and review of everything, you can check it out right below for the manga chapter 352 review, bleach 352 was really great, this time its time you guys see how bleach 352 came in. enjoy our review on bleach manga chapter 352! cheerS!

Bleach Manga chapter 352 " the Lust 6"

the 1st page we see Rukia having the upper hand against her enemy, Rudobone!, Just freezing the branches that made the enemy soldiers was enough to defeat Rudbone, but suddenly Yammy appeared right before them, Including Chad and Renji, Chad described the New Yammy to be bigger than when they fought him before. But Yammy wasnt interested in them, he was provoked by Ishida Uryuu. from a distance a big explosion was heard, after the smoked cleared up, only half body of Ulquiorra was left, when the hollow Ichigo flashed to finish Ulquiorra Ishida suddenly appeared and stopped him, But it was Uryuus big mistake, the Hollow Ichigo didnt listen But instead it turned against Uryuu, stabbing Ishida with his Zangetsu, after that we go to Inoues Emotional scene, thinking that the reason she went there is to Help Ichigo and not be a burden but it turned out the other way around, Now the Hollow Ichigo is ready for another shot with his Cero, aiming directly at Inoue, then a surprise attack comming from the back it was Ulquiorra, he can still move due to his fast regeneration power as explained in the previous chapter, after that there was another explosion, whats going to happen next? who has the upper hand? well seee you next week!!!!