Bleach Manga Chapter 353 | Bleach Chapter 353 Review

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I cant believe that it is already a week, well i cant let that from stopping us from giving you this update on Bleach manga chapter 353 review. Here is the latest happenings for Bleach chapter 353. You get to read here the latest info and events that happened for the bleach manga chapter 353, Read the anime revie just right below now!

Bleach Manga chapter 353 " the Ash"

on the last chapter we saw that Ulquiorra is still alive and was going for a sneak attack, Now one of Hollow Ichigos horns got cut!

Enjoy the nice summer picture!!! wheeewww really hot in here!! hehhe

ahheeemm moving on, after the attack Ichigos mask suddenly breaks revealing Ichigos face with long hair and was knock unconscious, after being knocked down he suddenly stood up again and the hole that Ulquiorra blew up suddenly closes, High speed regenerartion, finnaly the real Ichigo came back, not knowing what he has done. he is explaining that he wasnt the one fighting it was all the Hollow inside him, like we didnt know that already, so he asked Ulquiorra to cut of his arm and leg so that they can battle in equal footing, and Ulquiorra obliged by his conditions but suddenly his wing is turning into ash, then he asked Ichigo to kill him. but Ichigo refused saying this is not the way he wanted to win, then Ulquiorra asked Inoue if he is scared of him, Inoue replied that she isnt. then Ulquiorra vanish like dust in the wind. hmm i smell a little love story from Ulquiorra and Inoue, or is it just me. well another battle ended! i want to know what happened to the Hollow!! is it back or is it sealed again? well till next time

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