Bleach manga Chapter 354 | Bleach Chapter 354 Review

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Bleach Mnaga chapter 354 "Heart"

The battle of Ichigo and Ulquiorra has ended and Ichigo stands. in the first page of the chapter we see Ichigo and Inoue is standing and looking at each other. and the image of Ulquiorra fading. after that the plot went to Yammi fighting Ichigos friends, Rukia, Renji, and Chad. they notice that the spiritual energy of Ulquiorra has dissappeared. Yammi was quite disappointed in what happened saying he wants to help Ulquiorra after he finishes them off. Yammi is now building up his energy and is growing bigger, the three notices Yammis number on his shoulder the #10 mark. and they conclude that he is a lot weaker than the ones they fought. and now Yammi has unsheathed his Zanpakutou. and the three were shocked on the large energy comming out from it. then they notice that the number on Yammis shoulder is disappearing. then number 1 was fading away and it was completely gone, from 10 to 0. as the smokes cleared Yammi has become an enormous monster. cant define how big he really is. then he explains that he is the only arrancar that can go to zero if fully charged. now Yammi has started the attack. what will Rukia, Renji and chad do in this situation?. back on earth Toushirou is being pushed back by the enemy. well thats it for todayl better luck next time!!

by aldech0i