To Love Ru Chapter 146 | To Love Ru Chapter 146 Manga Review

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Here is the latest TO love Ru chapter 146 update. Check it out guys, and see what you might like on this review. We feature the latest happenings under the manga TO love Ru, well anyway, check it out! cheers!. Down below is the To Love Ru Chapter 146 manga review

To Love Ru chapter 146 "Those Warped into the Midst of Drakness"

The chapter starts at school where Lalas inventions were scattered on the floor, and Yui scolding her for the mess she made. Oshizu then picked up one of Lalas invention, Rito stopprd her thinking that nothing good will happen when it comes to Lalas invention. as Rito stepped back he bumped into Haruna, then the invention activated on its own, the invention was the one they use to teleport think it was named pyon pyon warp-kun, the two suddenly vanished leacing thei clothes behind. both of them teleported to a dark area, no mention were they end up to, Rito trying to find out were they are accidentally grabbed Harunas breast, too bad it was dark hehe back to school Lala and Yui thinks of a plan to get them back. Rito and Haruna were still together in the dark room, Haruna hearing something got scared and jumped to Ritos arms. little by little the dark place is clearing up they seemed to be in some kind of room, they found a door and tries to open it, but is lock. so the two were stuck and talks about their family, the mood was finnally getting good for the two, Rito really wants to tell Haruna how he feels but is confused of his true feelings, just when he was about to say something the door opened and there was Mikado sensei, it was then they realized that they were in Mikado sensei clinic, then Yui and Lala arrived in the scene.

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