Naruto Chapter 445 | Naruto Manga Chapter 445 Review

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Naruto Chapter 445 | Naruto Manga Chapter 445 Review
Greetings everyone, for our weekly anime review for naruto chapter 445. is right here, There is but one thing that makes you eager to watch naruto chapter 445, and it is because of the intensity of the events happening. watch what happens next as naruto unleashes is nine tails power. Check out our Naruto Manga Chapter 445 Review now.

Naruto manga chapter 445 "Top of the World"

Finally its time to know about Nagatos past and how did he turned out the way he is now,

Nagato was left alone when his mother and father died in a war that Konoha started. after he saw hi parents on the floor lifeless, his power has been awakened, he didnt realize that he is the one that killed the konoha ninjas. He left his town and began to travel during his travel he almost died in hunger and then Konan found him and gave him some food, Konan brought him along to their safe place and there he met Yahiko, the friendship started there. one day when they were walking home there was a sudden attack, they was a fight goin on near them. the fight was Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Orochimaru Versus Hanzo the chief Amagakure. after the fight Nagatos pet dog died. after the incident they swore that someday they will become the god of the world and it all started here!! well till next time

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