To Love Ru Chapter 142 | To Love Ru Manga Chapter 142 Review

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Another great manga that will be added to out weekly anime review is right here, To love Ru, You get to read here the latest TO love Ru chapters, Starting off with Chapter 143, Find out why we decided to feature this manga chapter here, and please do read our To love Ru Chapter 143 Manga Review! thanks!

To Love Ru chapter 143 "hand and tail"

another addition to manga review!!

the title is pretty easy to tell, another day in the house of Rito, he is in Lala's Room, which has a lot of junk pilling up! Rito then picked up one of Lalas experiment which was lying in the floor which gave his an a electric shock after the shock accidentaly grabbed Lalas sensitive tail, now you can see the who the title was refering to. hehe, Lala asked Rito to let go of her tail but Ritos hands wont let go! now Mikan and the others seen the posotion of the two and tries to help, but they decided to wait until the effect is gone! after this we have cute little scene like Lala going to the bathroom, Rito not going to good using his left hand so Lala assisted him but again pulled her tail causing the soup to drop on his face, but Ritos misfortune for the day has just began, another scene were Lala is taking a bath but needs soap and went out naked, again pulling her tail causing another misunderstanding. during the night when they were about to sleep Lala said that even though today was a terrible day she is still glad to spend it with him, how sweet! as the effect of the machine wear off! Rito was over excited now Celine was holding the machine and got a shock too, and got stuck on Ritos face, and another day of misfortune began!! well till next tym!!

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