Naruto Manga chapter 443 | Naruto chapter 443 Review

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For this weeks dose of Naruto Manga, we present to you another manga chapter review we have for you. Here is the naruto manga chapter 443 review. You can check out the latest happenings in the battle of pein and naruto, and with naruto meeting his father. Well for the exact details, just read out our naruto manga chapter 443! cheers!

Naruto Manga chapter 443 " the meeting"

In the intense start of the manga we see Pain had a direct hit from Narutos Rasengan! both of them has fallen to the ground after the attack! finally the last Pain was defeated. as Pain laid on the ground Naruto remembere the conversation they had about wanting to have peace,, justce, and having the same Pain. Naruto stabbed his hand with Pains receiver that is connected to his body. on the other side Hinata was now healed by Sakura, huuraay!! then it was announced that Naruto defeated Pain, but very exhausted and plans to go to the original Pain all alone, well still friends are friends, and they intend to give Naruto some back up against his will. Naruto was then caught up by the other elder ninjas from the village and talked to them about finding the original Pain and having a conversation with him. finally Naruto reached Pain! he was Hiding in a tall tree made out of paper made by Konan! finally the two have met face to face!! well better luck next time

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