To Love Ru Chapter 144 | To Love Ru Manga chapter 144 Review

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Here is another issue on To Love Ru Guys, hope you guys read our review on TO love Ru Chapter 144. This is the episode on manga. on To love Ru,

to Love Ru chapter 144 "Ghost Versus"

In this chapter Oshizu the ghost girl visits Ritos house, specifically she visited Momo Lalas little sister who has the ability to talk to plants, Oshizu was asked by Mikado sensei, the shcools alien doctor to gather some medical herb, in amdist all the commotion Zastin suddenly appeared with a gloomy appearance, handing over Lala and her sisters their allowances. Oshizu noticing Zastins appearance thought that he was possessed by an evil spirit. so the group went to Zastins apartment. the apartment was so gloomy and there to welcome them was Zastins two body gaurds. on the floor, then Zastin was seen on his room.. reading some ecchi(perverted) magazines. Oshizu still say that he is being possessed by an evil spirit. and shes right, the one possessing Zastin is evil and a maniac to. he teared off Momo and Lalas clothes letting their breast show luckily Rito was there. Nana was there to defend her sister to but Zastin turned her down saying flat chest dont interest him, heheh how cute!. Nana is one of my fave in to love ru, when she was about to attack him, she was deflected and went flying to Rito. and seen in a very "nice" position. Zastins Havoc of Echiness continues and aims for Lalas chest. Oshizu protected her with her psychic will power or something like that. and Zastin was sent flying off the house, Oshizu followed him and falls by accident, she still cant controll her body with ease, hehe.
she confronted the evil ghost, saying that she wont allow him to violate the Lala and the others. the ghost then told her what happen when he was alive. the she was turned down by 500 women. Wow! and he just wants to touch a natural breast at least once. hearing this Oshizu agreed. saying that he will let him touch her but her body is artificial. so without hesitation the perverted maniac went to touch Oshizus breast, then Rito cried out to Oshizu. after that the perverted ghost was captured by Oshizus ghost form. after that we see Zastin being chased by a policeman because he was walking around town naked. well another chapter of smiles ended see ya nex time

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