Naruto Manga Chapter 442 | Naruto Manga 442 Review

Posted by Cesar Valiente On Friday, April 3, 2009 0 comments

For our naruto anime review, here is the naruto manga chaoter 442 overview and review. IF you havent read the manga yet, then you better do, or else you get to miss alot of really coold events between the battle of pein and naruto. anyway, read along below for our naruto chapter 442 review on the manga! enjoy reading naruto manga chapter 442!

Naruto manga chapter 442 " the Last Gamble"
the first page was in color cool, we see Sakura healing the injured Hinata, with the thought of Hinata's feeling towards Naruto, i smell an air of jealousy.
Now the final battle between Naruto and Pain is starting, Naruto started the attack with a Shadow Rasen Shuriken, Pain managed to dodge the first, and a second one was coming, then a sneak attack from Naruto he conceal his Bunshins as Rocks that surrounded Pain but they werent able to catch him, and again Manage to dodge the second one which sliced everything it passes, Now only 4 seconds before he can use the God Realm technique, Naruto used two Rasen Shuriken and Pain thought the battle was over, upon landing on a stone Kagebunshin disguised as rocks now surrounded Pain, 2 seconds left just before the kagebunshins reached Pain the timer went zero, causing the Kagebunshin to be blown away, all the bunshin supported the real Naruto to withstand the pressure, causing Pain another 5 second delay to use his skill, A direct hit with the technique that Jiraiya taught him, the Rasengan!! is the fight over? did naruto win? well know next week! well see yas