Mahou Sensei Negima Manga chapter 246 | Mahou Sensei Negima 246 Review

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Do you guys know Mahou Sensei Negima? for those who do, then good news, starting today we will be featuring this manga here at techoccult. you can see the whole chapter 246 being reviewed right here, if you havent read Mahou Sensei Negima then i suggest you start of, this is one of the coolest manga ever. For more info on Mahou Sensei Negima manga chapter 346, check out below!

Mahou Sensei Negima chapter 246 " Victory for youre sake!"

yo!! heres the new manga im interested in and hopefully youll like it too!!
its Mahou Sensei Negi! its a story about a genius Mage who became a teacher in an ordinary all girls school, In search for his father! the greatest Mage that ever lived!! with the help of his friends they entere the magic world filled with danger.. well thats it for the summary, no heres Mahou Sensei Negima chapter 246!!!

Negi is down on the ground, and is now being counted, then he remembers the promise he had with Ako, after that he stood up coughing out blood. Rakan, stood there praising Negi for doing a good job, for having his new formed technique the " Riasoku Shundou",and is talking to Negi about giving up the battle, saying there is nothing to be ashamed of. but he wouldnt acknowledge Negi as a full grown man yet, and the secret about his mother will be further delayed, Negi cant accept then he summoned the technique he learned from his master the "dark Evangel", Kotarou is also back in his feet, now with the two of them back, the fight is about to restart. Negi needs 43 seconds to activate his dark skill, so Kotarou is asked to back him up. Kotarou accelerates after being hit by the shadow technique of the Enemy an explosion was seen as the smoke cleared up, a beast appeared Kotarous transformation, a dark wolf with three tails, holding Asuna's sword " the sword that can dispell any magic, on the other hand Rakan was charging towards Negi, kotarou countered trying to stop him no matter what it takes for 43 seconds but Rakan is not on the same level, he withstood Kotarous attacked and beat him down, now only 5 seconds to go, will Negi complete the chant before Rakan can reach him??? well we'll see next time..