Nintendo DSi coming April 5 | Nintendo DSi Released

Posted by Cesar Valiente On Wednesday, February 18, 2009 0 comments

Nintendo DSi coming April 5 | Nintendo DSi Released
Nintendo is again making a new face lift for its famous handheld system, the nintendo DSi. finally as long awaited, nintendo will be releasing an inovated handheld system console that is a step greater than the nintendo DS it was before. do you want to know more about nintendo DSi? lets get started.

The upcoming nintendo DSi will have a prictag of $169.99. and it will be released for america only. this gadget will be out this april as rumors predicted it. here is what the nintendo DSi has to offer.
It has to built in digital cameras (neat, looks like fans will love this) 0.3 megapixels, this will have a 256 mb internal memory and can be extended via SD cards. its ram is now 16MB, four times faster and bigger than the previous one and specs are great, cant mention all of them though i apologize for that. anyway apparently, the GBA slot has been removed this time, so if you guys want to play your old games, then better keep those old systems you got so that you could still play them on your Nintendo DS. here is previous on Nintendo DSi. ENjoy!