Naruto Manga chapter 434 | Naruto 434 Anime review

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Naruto Manga chapter 434 | Naruto 434 Anime review
another anime review we have here is on naruto versus pain. better watch what's up and see how naruto or pain wins.

Naruto Manga chapter 434: "Naruto V.S God Realm

in the end part of the last chapter the pain and naruto face off still hasn't been decided. Naruto got his Sage mode agen because of the help of his Kage bunshin, and pain has now fully unleashed his God realm.

in the begining of the chapter naruto has beaten down one of pains body, now there is only two pain left to deal with. as naruto attacked from both sides he was blown away by pain with a technique called Shinra Tensei, the technique that can repel any opponent from any direction, but there is a five second cool down before pain can use it again. when naruto was pushed away the three giant toads headed by gambunta surrounded pain and attacked, but pain easily avoided it. there was a difference in the pain that he is facing now than before. because the pain in front of naruto now has gotten all his God realm powers back after a very long cool down. like what happen to naruto pain again used his Shinra Tensei on the giant toads, and was repelled at a very long distance. the only plan left for naruto is to make an illusion technique which would take a lot of time. and another problem occured hes bunshin sage is again getting low, the total bunshin that naruto can create is only three and he is down on his last two bunshin that has the sage technique. as the battle continues the two pain are standing and giving praise to naruto but suddenly pain attacked, with a technique called Bansho Tenin to make it simple hes like a magnet that can repell and attract in this case the Basho Tenin force naruto to go to pain. and he was grabbed from behind, then hes sage power was being absorbed by pains other body, the chapter ended with naruto's sage mode put out. and naruto was captured by pain, is this the conclusion of the naruto/pain face off??? well better watch the next chapter.

on the lighter side the chapter was filled with scenes of hinata worrying so much of naruto, so cute.

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