Beach Chapter 347 | Bleach Chapter 347 Review

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Beach Chapter 347 | Bleach Chapter 347 Review
here is another anime review we got for this week, this will be featuring the next chapter for bleach. and its 347. this is the battle of ulquiorra and ichigo. continues from the previous part where he released a dark cero. well i wont waste any info. just read our bleach chapter 347 anime review right on.

Bleach manga chapter 347 "The Lust"

in the begining of the chapter we see Ichigo being engulfed in Ulquiorras Dark Cero, as the Dark Cero made contact with him his mask automatically broke into pieces, as the smokes from the explosion cleared up Ichigo was falling and was severely injured, but the attacked didn't stop there, another attacked was unleashed by Ulquiorra, Ichigo was just no match to the released form of Ulquiorra, but Ichigo wasn't going to give up just like that he summoned Getsuga but before he completed the cast he was countered by Ulquiorra and again and again he was blown away, finally the weakened Ichigo was in Ulquiorras hands but still he refuses to let go of his sword as a sign that he wont give up the fight no matter how strong Ulquiorra is. and if you think the release form of Ulquiorra was strong wait till you see the second release, ULQUIORRA's SECOND RELEASE FORM!! too bad the chapter was cut there well till next week.

by aldechoi