Naruto Chapter 435 | Naruto 435 Anime Review

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for the latest chapter on naruto, here is our anime review on the latest chapter for naruto 435. enjoy. just stay tune for our spoiler for 436 naruto. click here for the spoiler for naruto 436. click me

naruto manga chapter 435: Bansho Tenin
about the cover, the cover of the chapter is really cool Naruto back to back with Pain, kinda makes you think " if naruto will become evil, will he be like pain?" well guess not, but there is a possibility.
now for the review, on the last chapter naruto was caught by pain and slowly his sage chakra has been sucked out of him leaving him in a very weak state, but he countered the attack, by letting his enemy suck up his sage chakra, the enemy can't control the sage chakra and like the old trainees for the sage technique he turned into a frog statue, with this naruto was able to break free, the two elder frog were busy meditating for a special illusion attack, but pain did'nt waist any time he suddenly attack the elder grandfather frog, he stabbed the elder frog and was left unconscious, they didnt say if he died or not, the enraged naruto attacked but was countered and was smashed to the ground, and to make sure naruto wont escaped, he used his reningan and stabbed narutos left hand. on the other side of the village, they mourned for the death of shizune, and suddenly some idea came to inos father, a plan to defeat pain.
curious on what pain was talking to naruto about? well make sure you watch the next chapter! see yas!!
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