Bleach Chapter 346 | Bleach 346 Review

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Bleach Chapter 346 | Bleach 346 Review

Greetings guys, here is our bleach 346 review for the week. this will be featuring the latest chapter on bleach, this review holds what you need to know about the chapter 346 review. enjoy this guys. this is bleach chapter 346 review on :

bleach manga chapter 346: "The Wrath"

Ulquiorras full power has now been unleashed, Ichigos mask broken, whats going to happen now?
in the begining of the chapter we see a piece of ichigo's mask flew of due to Ulquiorras power, this is what i call an "IMBA" meaning imbalance, the new word we always use when playing Dota, Ichigo even in his Hollow form is no match for Ulquiorras released form, when Ulquiorra was about to attack ichigo, the chapter turn to Uryu and Inoue, booo. finally back, with a flick of his hand his mask was whole again, while parrying with Ulquiorra, Ulquiorra challenged Ichigo to hit him with his Getsuga Tensho, just to show how strong he really is, without delay he summoned a very large Getsuga Tensho, but it was suddenly dispelled and Ulquiorra was left unharmed, Ulquiorra planned to let Ichigo see his kuro cero "Black Cero", suddenly Ichigo was engulfed in darkness, what could happen to Ichigo? could the fight be already over? dont miss the next chapter see ya
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