Watch Metal Gear Solid Movie trailer | Metal gear Solid Trailer

Posted by Cesar Valiente On Thursday, February 19, 2009 0 comments

Watch Metal Gear Solid Movie trailer | Metal gear Solid Trailer
this 2009, one of the greatest game by konami will run into the big screen. yes you read the title right. Metal Gear Solid the movie. this movie will be based on the popular game metal gear solid. if you are looking for a place to watch the movie trailer of metal gear solid. then you came to the right place.

according to the wires, metal gears is gonna be produced and made by sony pictures. the metal gear solid movie still hasnt released its official trailer, the movie is still yet to be finished, but when ever i get to find the trailer of metal gear solid the movie, then i will give you guys the link, or i would just probably put it here. so that all of you fans can watch it through here,

the cast of metal gear solid is also unconfirmed. rumors has it that russel crowe will be making the character of solid snake live. and the villian, will be ofcourse val kilmer, playing as liquid snake. its still unconfirmed,but whoever could be the leading cast would probably change the history of action movies, might even put james bond out of work. Solid snake,is the next action icon after metal gear solid.

stay tune for more update on metal gear solid movie trailer. ill bring you back the latest update for metal gear solid.