Bleach 344 spoilers | bleach 344 read manga

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Bleach 344 spoilers | bleach 344 read manga
For our bleach anime review here is our newest episode 344. hope you guys enjoy anime review on Blech anime 344.

Bleach manga chapter 344 title: "The Pride"

the last chapter ended with the arrival of Ishida Uryu going 1 on 1 with the arrancar number 10 yammy, yammy was then blown away by the special bomb that Uryu brought, now that Yammy was out of the battle, Uryu then goes up to ichigo, the surprised ichigo hesitated to ask how did Uryu get here, but Uryu told him everything. after the small talk ichigo then turned his back and asked Uryu to protect Inoue while he is fighting. and now the fight I have been waiting for so long is now going to happen. ichigo then faced Ulquiorra, and put his nad before his face, its time for the hollowfication. huuurraayyy!! its been a while since i saw this. and after a cloak of shadow disappeared ichigo then emerged with his Hollow mask on. +10 to the drawing, with his great speed he dashed towards Ulquiorra, Ulquiorra easily gaurded the attacked, due to the powerful attack, his sword cracked a little and with the help of the getsuga tenshou imbeded on Tensan Zangetsu, Ulquiorra was blown away, but he countered with a Cero. The Cero was easily blocked by ichigo. with the chance Ulquiorra escaped, Ichigo followed him and eventually Ulquiorra led Ichgo to a place above the dome of las noches called "Espadas above Cuatro".

what is Ulquiorras's intention? and what is this place called Espadas above Cuatro, all will be answered on the next chapter. see yas then.

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