anime review : School rumble | Tsukamoto Yakumo

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here is another anime review we have. again it will be on school rumble and of course about the other leading lady bound to be with harima kenji, the main star of school rumble. hope you guys enjoy our latest anime review on School rumble | Tsukamoto Yakumo. cheers!

do you like the "Silent" type of Girls?

for the anime review today im focusing on the other angel that is looking after Harima Kenji. She is Tsukamoto Yakumo, from again the hit anime School Rumble. she is a first year student class D, The younger sister of Tsukamoto Tenma. She is beautiful, the japanes type of beauty, and very inteligent and also one of the dream girls in her school, this makes her a great Rival of Sawachika Eri, because like Eri, she also has feelings for Harim, this started when she was an assisstant for Harima, helping him on his manga.

Yakumo may look like your ordinary beautiful student but inside she has a hidden power, she can read other peoples mind, well not all, to be specific she can read the minds of the people who likes her, the only one who she cant read is Harima, another one of the reason why she was attracted to him, and she also wanted to read the minds of animals, but failed, another reason she was attracted to him is because he can understand animals. at first she doesn't really like him and see's him only as a friend, she is the only person who know's that Harima is in love with Tenma, her sister. one thing i like about yakumo is that she is willing to give up her happiness if it means making her sister happy, such nice love for a family member.

Yakumo and Harima also makes a good pair, but still i go for EriHarima! hehe ^_^ but still this combination is also good, so its up to you to decide who are you siding with. so dont forget to watch the anime School Rumble.

additional Info: the voice of Yakumo is Mamiko Noto, one of my Favorite seiyu, or voice actress. and for Sawachika Eri is Yui Horie another one of my favorite seiyu.

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