Black Cat | Heartnet Anime review

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Black Cat   Heartnet Anime review
For our anime review this week. here is black cat. hope you enjoy our anime review for this week guys. here it goes.

For the anime review i will talk about the main character of the anime show Black Cat and this is no other than Train Heartnet. Known in the underground world as the 13th chronos number or code name "kuroneko" Black Cat in english. in the anime, Train first shows up as an assassin for the organization called "Chronos". he is the most feared of all assassins, when he gets a mission he never fails to hit is mark, and always saying "ive come to deliver some bad luck" one of my favorite lines. his primary weapon is a gun called "Hades" with a XIII engraved on it. he may be a ruthless assassin but he doesn't kill women and children. His way of life as a Chronos number continued until the day he met Saya, she first saw her on the roof top of his apartment singing,and wearing a kimono, She is a very energetic girl, and with her personality, she was able to put a smile on to Trains face, her job is a sweeper, professionals that specialize in capturing wanted criminals for rewards. upon meeting her He suddenly wants to be free from the Chronos organization for he decided not to kill anyone for any reason. after the death of Saya train became a sweeper. then he meets Sven and Eve, his companion in his new life as a sweeper. about the character design. i like Train when he was still an assassin, he has the eyes of a fierce cat ready to kill, and the black cloak makes the embodiement of a black cat.

i recomend this anime to everyone, its full of action, comedy. runs for 24 episodes. another thing that will inspire you to watch is that the anime artist of black cat is also the one that made to~Love~Ru. Enjoy

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