Naruto Chapter 437 | Naruto Chapter 437 Review

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Naruto Chapter 437 | Naruto Chapter 437 Review

for our anime review this week, we will be featuring the naruto chapter 437. if you have missed ourspoiler for this chapter. then better read on to this review and see if how correct the spoiler was for naruto chapter 437 review

Naruto manga chapter :437 "Confession"

the title is very interesting, who do you think will confess? and what kind of confession?

well in the title page we see Hinata sitting, with narutos back, as the true face of pain revealed i see him as an old man who cant even hurt a fly, still naruto is still squashed like a bug by pain they continue to talk about what true peace should really be, and from far away Hinata was watching the battle the entire time, in the other side of Konoha the villagers went on a search to find where the real pain is hiding, and the group of Gai has arrived. when pain was about to attack the old frog and take Naruto with him Hinata suddenly appeared. oooohh how cute its the girls turn to save the boy, hehehh but what can Hinata do? and its official!! HINATA CONFESSED TO NARUTO!!! HHHUUURRAAYY!!!,and Naruto was left a little bit shocked on whats happening, as Hinata attacked she was easily blown away, when Naruto saw Hinata down on the ground automatically turned into the FOURTAILED DEMON FOX SOO COOL, but it doesn't end there he leveled up, He now has SIX TAILS!! and covered with bones of the demon fox, now what could happen next??? cant wait for next week

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