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for our next bleach review. we have here the latest chapter of bleach chapter 345. enjoy our review. for our spoilers. just click on to the link. enjoy our anime review on bleach chapter 345

bleach chapter: 345 " the sloth"
in the begining of the chapter we see a very familiar face that hasn't been seen in a while, we see Rukia fighting against an arrancar, named Rudobones Arbola, he has the technique called Arbola that can regenerate the undead soldiers at his disposal, the soldiers are called "calaberas" i think it means "bones". the fight was disturbed when they heard an explosion from the direction on which Ichigo and Ulquiorra were fighting. on the last chapter Ulquiorra led Ichigo to a place called "Espadas above Cuatro" Ulquiorra then talks about the "two Forbidden things under the Dome of Menos Noches" one is an Espadas Cero the "Gran Rey Cero" and the other is an arrancar above "Cuatro" "four" "4" to unleash its power. for if this was to happen it would cause the destruction of Menos Noches. regardless of that fact Ulquiorra suddenly released his sword "Bind-Murushierago" im not really sure what that meant, but finally we can see the release for of Ulquiorra one of my fave arrancar, soo cool!! well nothing much happen its just that the helmet on his head is now complete and he has Black Wings! cool, the shocked Ichigo just glared at the sudden change. with a blink of an eye Ulquiorra attacked. luckily Ichigo made a quick reflex to deflect the attack using his Getsuga Tenshou. when the smoked cleared Ichigo was seen with his mask a little brocken. the fight is getting more and more intense, who would win? Ichigo with his mask on or is it Ulquiorra with his released form?
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