Zhu Xian PH online cheats bots and hacks

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Zhu Xian PH online cheats bots and hacks
This is based on the popular internet fantasy novel 'Zhu Xian', ZX Online: Journey to Immortality is now in the Philippines. Zhu Xian is pretty similar to the popular game Perfect World. They say that Zhu Xian is the part2 or an expansion of Perfect World online. But unlike pw, Zhu Xian PH is hosted by e-games and not levelup. Zhu Xian has a pet system whick can be seen in perfect world and talisman crafting, they are a known to be a source of a Chinese warrior's source of extra power. Combining two or more can create a more powerful one.

According to zxonline.e-games.com.ph by CM Mei Yan The Five Schools in Zhu Xian Online are:

Heaven Sound Temple

Heaven Sound Temple practices the highest level of Buddism called Sanskrit Prajna. They emphasize on their own cultivation and strengthen their health by Buddism Dharma. Heaven Sound Temple outshines others in the magic of defense. It’s disciples are masters of theory of recovery. It’s also the only school who knows the mana of resurrection. They are like the doctors who can help to restore HP and increase defense. It’s good at group attack but can’t cause deadly damage to enemies.

Azure Cloud School

Azure Cloud School has a long history. Ancestor Qing Ye hardly had any rivals since he obtained the ancient sword zhuxian from the Paraselene Cave. Azure Cloud School originated from Taoism. They are the magicians and are good at long distance attack and group attack but is weak in single attack and defense.

Bonding Bliss School

Bonding Bliss School is one of the demon path. They are assassins with high critical strike and high damage. They look graceful and thus make you unaware that the danger is just beside you. They are the only one who can get the head of the enemies instantly. Its deadly weakness is defense.

Ghost Witchery Level

Ghost Witchery is good various kind of venom skills. They can transform themselves into different stance, but their body is very weak and can’t resist the deadly strike from enemies.

Ghost King Sect

Most of their theory comes from Heavenly Book. They can resort to different means in a bid to realize their objective. They are berserk warriors and good at single melee attack with strong defense. But it’s weak in long distance attack and group attack.


darryl said...

where i can find ZX server cookies??

darryl said...

where i can find zx online cookies?

Kevin Karneboge said...

Its a fake hack, He steals your info.