read bleach chapter 342 the greed

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bleach has come to its 342th chapter the greed. for those who havent read the raw version of this chapter. we will feature here the review of the new bleach chapter 342. just read along and found out what the happenings are in bleach's new chapter 342 intitled the greed.


bleach manga 342 title: the greed
and i thought he was already dead. the begining of the manga shows the yawning espada number 10 yami. heading of somewhere. still the conitnuation of ichigo and ulquiorra. the last manga ended with inoue interfering with ulquioras final blow. this leaves ulquira puzzle of inoue's action asking her "why you helped him?" "why didnt you protect him from the first blow" it also leaves me puzzle why didnt inoue helped ichigo in the first place. the look of hesitation was all around inoues face. then ichigo shout " shut up" and instead of asking inoue the question he thanks her for saving him from the last attack,and ask her to stand back for it would be dangerous for her. then ichigo begins to attack again using his getsuga tenshou. the getsuga tenshou that ichigo uses here is different, for he didn't release it out of his sword. instead it stayed within the sword line an enchanting his weapon with getsuga tenshous power. but still ulquiorra remained calm and emotionless saying that with out ichigo's hollow mask this kind of attack wont work on him. while inoue was watching the fight someone grabbed her from the shadows. two female arrancar has captured inoue and attempts to eliminate her. when ichigo notice whats happening he rushed to save inoue, but he was blocked by ulquiorra saying that ichigo's only opponent is him and if he wants to fight another he should finish him first. and in amidst of all the commotion yami suddenly attacked out of nowhere. what could be yami's role in this scenario.
so make sure you watch the next manga!! its another week of waiting! well see yas!!
by aldechoi.